Monday, May 21, 2012

Mothers Day!

For most peoples first Mothers Day I"m sure they go to church, get a rose, and there husbands make them a dinner at home, right?  We'll not for me.  I spent the week without a husband, swing or stroller for the baby.  Then on actually Mothers Day I get to wake up at 4:00 AM to go on a 5 hour flight across the country with a 5 month old baby.  I don't want to sound like I"m complaining I wanted all this so we could go to DC for 6 weeks. I just didn't realize it was going to be on Mothers Day. 

It went better than I expected.  I got the row to myself so plenty of room for Owen to spread out and wiggle.  He cried a little during take off then feel asleep for 15 minutes.  Giggled and smiled and chatted for most of the flight.  When he feel asleep again I was hoping it would be for longer but he only slept for like 15 minutes again.    When he was asleep the stewardess asked me if I wanted a free drink for mothers day while Owen was asleep.  I of course said no thank-you and then next time he walked by Owen was awake. Owen didn't want to miss his first plane ride.  The baby behind us slept the whole way while Owen chatted the whole way  As we were descending, Owen cried a little, and you are suppose to feed them them so there ears can pop.  He was such a cutie after that.  He would take a few sips then make some ahhhh noises (if you know Ryan I"m sure you can imagine the noises Owen would make) then a few more sips.  The row next to us was just laughing away. 

All in all not to bad Ryan and Becky picked us up after there 5 day cross the country drive and we all went out to lunch for Mothers Day!


  1. Why did you say no to the drink? Was it alcohol? Maybe you could have asked for a soda or juice.

  2. I already had juice that is free on Southwest. Yes he offered me alcohol.