Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 4 Oriols Game

Can you tell he's not to happy!
 On Friday night we took Owen to his first, of many, baseball games.  My cousins Anthony and Janna invited us to the Orioles game.  Owen slept in the car on the way over so I figured he would be happy at the games right??  Well my son doesn't like the noise,  he proves that when we go into DC and he cries.  As we are walking into the stadium the tears start coming.  To much excitement for him I guess.  After like the first half inning.  Ryan and I take turns walking around with him.  By the 6th I know he is getting tired and I"m done tring to deal with a screaming baby.

Go Orioles!
  When we exit the stadium it starts to get quite I look over at Owen just smiling away watching me talk to Ryan.  I  ask him O your happy now that you got your way and we are leaving.  Owen just responds by laughing away.  As we walk to the car Owen laughs, giggles and smiles.  He already knows how to get what he wants. 

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