Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bison museum

Ryan had Columbus Day off which was nice.  We wanted to do something.  We were planning on bear county or reptile gardens but it was raining so we went to the bison museum.  They had a kid area where Owen colored a bison, dug up bones, played with stuffed animals.  He loved the big buffalo I told him go day hi.  Ryan watched a movie about them and apparently the government was trying to kill them all off because the Indians depended on them to survive but later the same government changed its mind and the bison survived in different sanctuaries.  

Temple trip

I've been spoiled most of my life living 15 minutes from the temple.  Even in Tucson when we were 2 hours away we had no kids and would go when we came up to visit our parents.  Now the temple is 5 1/2 hours away in Bismark ND.  That's an 11 hour drive in one day with a 2 year old.  We decided to try it the youth were babysitting for the session at 11.  We loaded up and left at 5 am.  Owen did great in the car and slept for almost 3 more hours.  Then it hits me, is Bismark in the same time tone as us?  It probably is they would have mentioned it at church if it wasn't right?  An hour later we see the sign entering central time zone.  Ahh we won't make it we will get there right as the session starts.  Ryan tells me change in the car and run in maybe you can make it and I'll stay with Owen.   The session was full and had already started but I did get to do some sealings so the trip wasn't a total waste.  Afterwords we let Owen play at mcdonalds to get a bunch of wiggle outs.  I drove home which left Ryan to entertain Owen he did fine we didn't make him sit in his car seat the whole time.   The last hour during dinner time Ryan was trying to feed Owen and he decided to go pout in the corner because I wasn't paying attention to him.  Anyways we decided we never want to do that again it's a long day.  Next time we will spend the night.  


My parents choose the best week to visit Rapid City.   The government shutdown ment we couldn't go to Mt Rushmore or any national parks around here, and the blizzard closed everything else.  We did go see the light show at Crazy Horse which was freezing but Owen still oooed and awed at it.  The last day they were here we decided to drive to spearfish canyon.  I wanted to take the one mile hike to the waterfall where the last scene of Dances with Wolfs was filmed but it was covered in snow.  We had a nice drive and even saw some deer can you see them in the picture?  They are in the water by the snow on the left in the back.  We ended up stopping in Deadwood so we could stretch our legs and wandered through the shops.  It's a town like Vegas hotels, gambling, and tourist shops.  

Monday, October 14, 2013


So the weather report kept getting worse and worse for the big storm.  First it was just suppose to be really cold, then they added snow, then they said a few inches of snow and finanally they turned it into a blizzard.  I was hoping the weather report would be wrong and no snow would come.  My parents were suppose to get here that night I didn't want the flights canceled.  We ended up getting 20-26 inches of snow ah.  My parents didn't get here tell Sunday morning and they had to drive from Denver because the airport was still closed.  The night before the big storm we went to get snow clothes.  Let me tell you target was stripped clean.  There was one hat left for Owen, I had to go to walmart to get Owen snow pants and they only had one left in his size.  The one good thing about the storm was Ryan got sent home early.  Our power went out but our sweet neighbor knowing this was our first storm brought us soup and a latern.  We found a hand crank radio that we jammed out to and Owen shinned the flash light around the room.  We were stuck Home for 3 days but luckily we have an indoor pool and hottub we went to each day.  

So the day of the storm, it was snowing when we woke up and Owen wanted to go see.  I told him it was cold and he had to wear his jacket after pitching a fit he let me put it on him.  

Once we got outside he didn't like the snow blowing in his face so we went back inside.  

He wanted to go outside with dada later that day.  Then the snow was back in his face and he wanted inside.   This happened a couple times he wanted to see the snow then he would go outside and change his mind right away.

So we brought the snow inside to him and made snowballs.

This is Ryan the next morning climbing around in the snow.

So when you are stuck inside all day what do you do.  Vacuum I put Owen to work.  Haha

Anyways this was the 2nd worst storm rapid city has ever had.  The most snow they ever had in October was 2 inched and we get 20.  I guess the snow was just waiting for us Arizonans.  We are suppose to get more snow tomorrow hopefully not as much.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin festival

Rapid city doesn't have a pumpkin patch.  I can't find one when I search on google and when I asked some said I don't know.  Sad day maybe there is one somewhere that I just can't find.  They did however have a pumpkin festival.  It was downtown and farmers brought pumpkins to sell.  Owen loves trains so I tried to get him to go on the train ride but when I walked away he tried to clime out.  He can't be with out his mama.  They had some giant pumpkins we didn't stick around to see who one the contest for the biggest pumpkin.    We did go see the school of mines catapult pumpkins.   Each team got 3 pumpkins.  The first one was suppose to go 100 ft, then 200 ft, then the last one 300 ft.  Every time they would shoot the pumpkin Owen would go oooo and then clap for them.  He loved it.   Then of course we had to buy some pumpkins.  It was a fun morning.