Tuesday, October 15, 2013


My parents choose the best week to visit Rapid City.   The government shutdown ment we couldn't go to Mt Rushmore or any national parks around here, and the blizzard closed everything else.  We did go see the light show at Crazy Horse which was freezing but Owen still oooed and awed at it.  The last day they were here we decided to drive to spearfish canyon.  I wanted to take the one mile hike to the waterfall where the last scene of Dances with Wolfs was filmed but it was covered in snow.  We had a nice drive and even saw some deer can you see them in the picture?  They are in the water by the snow on the left in the back.  We ended up stopping in Deadwood so we could stretch our legs and wandered through the shops.  It's a town like Vegas hotels, gambling, and tourist shops.  

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