Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Temple trip

I've been spoiled most of my life living 15 minutes from the temple.  Even in Tucson when we were 2 hours away we had no kids and would go when we came up to visit our parents.  Now the temple is 5 1/2 hours away in Bismark ND.  That's an 11 hour drive in one day with a 2 year old.  We decided to try it the youth were babysitting for the session at 11.  We loaded up and left at 5 am.  Owen did great in the car and slept for almost 3 more hours.  Then it hits me, is Bismark in the same time tone as us?  It probably is they would have mentioned it at church if it wasn't right?  An hour later we see the sign entering central time zone.  Ahh we won't make it we will get there right as the session starts.  Ryan tells me change in the car and run in maybe you can make it and I'll stay with Owen.   The session was full and had already started but I did get to do some sealings so the trip wasn't a total waste.  Afterwords we let Owen play at mcdonalds to get a bunch of wiggle outs.  I drove home which left Ryan to entertain Owen he did fine we didn't make him sit in his car seat the whole time.   The last hour during dinner time Ryan was trying to feed Owen and he decided to go pout in the corner because I wasn't paying attention to him.  Anyways we decided we never want to do that again it's a long day.  Next time we will spend the night.  


  1. Glad you were able to make some sealings. So sad they did not say anything, I assume they assumed you knew.

    We let Aimee out at 2 from the car seat. I don't think we were able to ever get her in one again. Just a thought.

    1. Yea once out he really doesn't want back in the car seat. There are times where if he's upset will say lap and refuse to go in the car seat. Oh we'll for the most part we make him.