Saturday, March 23, 2013


We spent 2 days at Universal Studios one day Becky and Jeff took Owen home and the next day Ryan and I took him home.   Both mornings were spent at Harry Potter World but the second day we spent some time in Dr Seuss World so Owen could do some rides.  We did the carousel, one fish two fish, and a real coaster.   He didn't like the last one to much to scary.

He loves water

Jurassic park

Back to the Future

First Ride!
One Fish 2 Fish

Grandmas not happy she got wet

After Universal we did a day at Magic Kingdom.  We probably should have taken Owen here since he could of done most of the stuff.  I was disappointed Splash Mountain was closed, but we went on Space Mountain twice.

Swiss Family Robinson treehouse

Rum Rummmm
Hes off.

waiting to park

Yes we stole this picture

For our last day we went to Epcot.  The one place Ryan wanted to go.  He wanted to go there so bad just to eat food.  They have a section where you walk around and visit all the countries.   In the UK we got fish and chips, then a stop in France for a baguette, pastry, and lobster bisque soup.  Then some more rides before getting pizza in Italy, caramel popcorn and chocolate in Germany and some more pastries in Norway.  It was a day full  of food and rides.  To top it all off the Indian Health service Residency sites where picking there Residents the next day.  South Dakota called  him to ask a few more questions and tell him its between him and one other guy they will let them know tomorrow.   Luckily they picked us.  What a great way to end a vacation with a job.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Harry Potter World

Vacation time, after Ryan's rotation in Atlanta he had some time off school, so instead of going home we went to Florida.  Ryan's parents met us there and took care of Owen most of the time.  Thanks! The one thing Jeff and I wanted to was Harry Potter World which is part of Universal Studios Island of Adventure.    Since I love Harry Potter he gets his own blog post more about the rest of Florida later.

As you enter, you see the Hogwarts Express (I think they should make this into a ride) and then continue through all the shops in Diagon Ally.    Olivanders wand shop has a wand picking ceremony, you of course have to get some chocolate at Honey Dukes, browse through Fred and Georges shop Weasleys Wizard Wheezes,  and get an Owl at the Owl post all before heading to the Hogwarts Castle.  Don't forget to try some ButterBeer while you are their.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.
All aboard the Hogwarts Express

In Diagon Ally

Oh NO I saw Voldemort get me out of here

Which wand will choose me!
I found one!

We made it to Hogwarts

ButterBeer in Hogsmead

****Disclaimer we never saw Voldermert he is dead I don't remember what Owen was pointing at.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Atlanta week 5

Our last week in Atlanta, we went to the Martin Luther king Jr sites. The tickets to his birth house were all gone for the day but we did a self guided tour of the museum, grave, and his church

Martin Luther King JR grave

eternal flame

We decided to also go drive by the temple.  It was closed and Owen was asleep so I got a drive by picture from the car.  Farewell Atlanta we had fun!

Atlanta week 4

Since Ryan loves baseball we went and toured the Braves stadium.  We got there a little early and there were balls all over.  Owen loved it he would say ball ball and we would take him to all the balls. 

Owen and his balls

In the press box.

In the dugout

Waiting to be called up
Batter up!

Atlanta week 3

One of the things you have to see while in Atlanta is stone Mountain.  People like to compare it to Mount Rushmore.  Stone Mountain is a carving of President Jefferson Davis, Robert E Lee and Thomas "Stonewall"  Jackson from the civil war.  We took a sky lift to the top of the mountain.  I didn't want to  hike it with a one year old.  It was cool to look out at see Atlanta.   It was fun Owen loved the ride.  On the was down we got a window seat and Owen held on to bar and stared out the window.  We had to pry his hands off to leave.  Then we went and walked around the carving.  They are having there snow days right now but we decided not to go sledding because of Owen.

On top of Stone Mt

Next we were going to go to this petting zoo/ farm.  We get there and Ryan gets Owens stroller out sets it on some uneven ground and I sit Owen in the stroller, turned my back, and bamb! Owen took the stroller down.  My poor baby.  All scrached up.  He finally calmed him down and we let him play for a minute then took him home.  He had a nice nap in the car and was fine but we decied to go on Monday instead.  Which turned out to be great since it was there $1 day. 

All scraped up :(
Back on Monday

Feeding the Donkey

Checking out  the  animals