Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 7 Gettysburg!

Since DC was so busy on Saturday and we knew it would be worse on Memorial Day with a parade, motorcycle rally's and other celebrations honoring the troops, we decided to get out of town.  Two hours from where we live is Philadelphia and Gettysburg.  I told Ryan to choose and he said Gettysburg.  When we got there we went to the visitors center and watched a movie about the battle at Gettysburg, saw the cyclone a big painting of the battle, and went through the museum. Owen was so good during the movie but half way through the museum he started screaming bloody murder.  I had to take him outside and get him to sleep so I could finish the museum. 

After that we followed the audio tour around town looking at the different war sites and memorials.   

Owen and Dad


There were Cannon all over the place!

The town now

Over looking one of the battle field sites

Another battlefield and monument

Pretty much the whole town was once a battlefield!
It was pretty hot outside and even though Owen was an angel inside (except during nap time) he didn't like it outside to hot!

Day 6 The Beach

We heard from everyone here the beaches in Delaware are the best and to go to one of those beaches.  We however found while goggling beaches one in Annapolis called Sandy point state park.  We decided to try that one out first since we wouldn't have to drive 2 hours to get there.  It turned out to be lots of fun.  I"m sure Delaware would have been nicer but this one was good enough and who knows maybe we'll head up there some other weekend. 

Its cold!

Getting used to the water!
Getting in!

Owen didn't like the waves splashing in his face

My boys!

Walking the Pier!

Day 4 Oriols Game

Can you tell he's not to happy!
 On Friday night we took Owen to his first, of many, baseball games.  My cousins Anthony and Janna invited us to the Orioles game.  Owen slept in the car on the way over so I figured he would be happy at the games right??  Well my son doesn't like the noise,  he proves that when we go into DC and he cries.  As we are walking into the stadium the tears start coming.  To much excitement for him I guess.  After like the first half inning.  Ryan and I take turns walking around with him.  By the 6th I know he is getting tired and I"m done tring to deal with a screaming baby.

Go Orioles!
  When we exit the stadium it starts to get quite I look over at Owen just smiling away watching me talk to Ryan.  I  ask him O your happy now that you got your way and we are leaving.  Owen just responds by laughing away.  As we walk to the car Owen laughs, giggles and smiles.  He already knows how to get what he wants. 

Day 5 DC

Being in the DC area there are so many things to do on Memorial weekend.  We decided to spend our first day off in DC.  The plan was to go to the National Archives first, but when we got there it was an hour wait to get in, so we hop back on the subway and went to Arlington Cemetery.  There we saw Kennedy's grave, the changing of the guard, some house and museum.  The best thing about the house and Museum was the cool air.  It was hot outside!

While we were there Ryan took us on a while goose hunt.  When he did a tour of the pentagon they showed him so 9-11 monument he thought was part of Arlington Cemetery.  So we walked all around the Cemetery even to parts where no one was and didn't find it.  He says well maybe it wasn't in here. I was hot and tired and hungry and ready for a break.

View from the top.  Can you see the Washington Monument

Changing of the Guard the Tomb of the Unknown Solider

The plan after that was to go to the Air and Space Museum but as we got there the line to that museum was out the door as well.  I guess that's what happens on Memorial weekend so we decided to go to the Art museum next door with no line.  It turned out to be pretty cool.  The 2nd floor was all about light and sensory.  They had one room that was dark with a bunch of mattress and pillows.  To bad we had just rested outside in the grass.  Then we walked through a bunch of plastic streamers hanging down.  The next room was a bunch on different neon lights.  Owen would of had a lot of fun if he could run around up there.

As we were leaving we took a detour through the Smithsonian Castle.  Its mostly just information but outside is very pretty.
Smithsonian Castle

I like to eat eat eat

Owen with green beans all over his face
I like to eat eat eat apples and bananas.  I like to eat eat eat carrots and green beans.  Owen does such a good job eating his fruits and veggies.  I read that if a baby doesn't like a new food at first try again later.  Well Owen eats anything I give him except his bottle.  He wants to eat with a spoon like Mommy and Daddy.  Owen eats apples, bananas, pears, squash, green beans, carrots, rice cereal and of course ice cream.  I am continuing to introduce more foods just have to wait to make sure hes not allergic to the other ones.

He was so cute lasts night.  I was holding him on my lap as I ate spaghetti, I would get a noodle on my fork and he would get so excited and open his mouth.  Then I would eat the noodle and he would look up at me, then I would get some more and he would get so exited and open his mouth again.    He is excited to eat anything and everything.  However, when I try to give him his bottle he fights me on it.  He puts his lips together so tight and moves his head away.  I guess formula doesn't taste as good as apples.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Day #3 Mount Vernon

Since its Sunday and Owen doesn't seem to like DC (to much noise can't sleep wants to be held) we went to Mount Vernon.  Mt Vernon is George Washington's house.  While we were there we took a tour of his mansion, a cruise down the Potomac river, wandered the grounds, ate lunch and went to the museum.  After spending a nice relaxing day there with no tears, or noise, and plenty of time to wiggle, be held and sleep, we went to Baltimore to visit some cousins. 
Out in Front of George Washingtons house

The Cruise ship

Owen and Ryan sailing down the river

I want a house along this river with a boat

Needs his blanket and binkie

View from George Washingtons house

George Washingtons backyard

reconstructed face of George Washington

George Washington at like 17 or 18


Another re-constructed face of George Washington      

Sorry no pictures of dinner.  But we did go to Baltimore and have a great dinner with my cousin Anthony and his wife Janna.

Day #2 DC

Day #2 that we venture into DC.  We took the Metro in and stopped off to see the memorials. 

WW II Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

View from Lincoln Memorial

Korea War Memorial

The only building that's not government related.

White house!

White house Visitors Center

I think the Smithsonian Castle haven't been inside yet

How would you like to have your graduation ceremony here

Future Birthday present.  Ha ha From the Museum of Natural History

I"m taller than an elephant leg

Day #1 in DC

For the next 6 weeks Ryan and I are in Maryland about 45 minutes from DC.  I was planning on going into DC on Saturday for the first time but Ryan had to go in for a meeting on Friday so Owen and I went as well.  While Ryan was at his meeting Owen and I went to the zoo.  Owen was pretty good until we got to the zoo.  He was getting tired and all the noise was to much for him.  I tried carrying him in my sling for awhile but that plus pushing his stroller is a little to much.  I thought I'm not coming here without Ryan again.  Eventually I just let him cry himself to sleep. Poor baby. 

He was good enough to see the Zebra


I held him for the Gorillas

He feel asleep so I could see the Elephants

Still asleep for the pandas

Time to go meet Daddy.  The Bureau of Engraving and printing is only open during the week so we wanted to do that today. While we waited for ticked time to do the tour of the Bureau of E & p we did the Museum of American History.  We saw the Star Spangled Banner and walked through the WW II area. 

Army car from WW II

Pit stop for photo in front of Washington Monument

Look at Owen Checking out that $$$

Owen and Ryan checking out how tall they are in $100 bills