Monday, May 21, 2012

Day #1 in DC

For the next 6 weeks Ryan and I are in Maryland about 45 minutes from DC.  I was planning on going into DC on Saturday for the first time but Ryan had to go in for a meeting on Friday so Owen and I went as well.  While Ryan was at his meeting Owen and I went to the zoo.  Owen was pretty good until we got to the zoo.  He was getting tired and all the noise was to much for him.  I tried carrying him in my sling for awhile but that plus pushing his stroller is a little to much.  I thought I'm not coming here without Ryan again.  Eventually I just let him cry himself to sleep. Poor baby. 

He was good enough to see the Zebra


I held him for the Gorillas

He feel asleep so I could see the Elephants

Still asleep for the pandas

Time to go meet Daddy.  The Bureau of Engraving and printing is only open during the week so we wanted to do that today. While we waited for ticked time to do the tour of the Bureau of E & p we did the Museum of American History.  We saw the Star Spangled Banner and walked through the WW II area. 

Army car from WW II

Pit stop for photo in front of Washington Monument

Look at Owen Checking out that $$$

Owen and Ryan checking out how tall they are in $100 bills

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