Monday, May 21, 2012


We made it Maryland.  Ryan had a great couple days working at the FDA and I was ready to get out and see something.  Since we would go into DC on the weekend and Annapolis was closer we went there for the evening. 

Views from the bridge

Ryan pushing Owen up the bridge

The naval academy was there but you needed ID to enter and I didn't bring mine so we will have to go again.  Instead we got some ice cream and dreamed about being rich enough to own a sail boat, learn to sail and dock it there.  Ryan says not on a pharmacist salary but if I let him go to Law school then maybe.  I told him he wouldn't have to sail if he went to Law school.  Oh well maybe we can just rent one some day.

On a side note I let Owen suck on my finger with ice cream on it.   I think he liked it.

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