Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas trees!

The day before Thanksgiving Tempe market place had a tree lighting ceremony and the first snowfall.  We got there and had dinner. Owen loves christmas lights so much.  He loved being in his stroller and pointing to all the lights.  He loved his french fry, pizza, cheerios and veggie dinner.  There was a fountain there Owen loves water so we went to look.  When it was time to move on he cried and cried he loves playing in water.  They had an iceskateing show before but we couldn't really see.  I took Owen to see the tree.  He loved touching it.  Then the lights came on and the snow came down.  Owen and I went to stand in the snow to see what it really is since it 80 degrees outside.  Its just soap, but he dosn't really like it, maybe it got in his eye not sure.  When I put him back in his stroller he loved the "snow". We walked through it and he kept pointing to it. 

Last night Ryan and I put up our Christmas tree.  This morning I brought Owen to see.  He points OO OO.  He grabs for the star.  Then I set him down next to it and he presides to do what any one year old would.  Pull things off.  He loves looking at the lights. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Desert Botanical Gardens

 Ryan told me he was going to have Thursday and Friday off.  So while I was at the library I decided to see what culture passes were available.  I grabbed one for the Desert Botanical gardens.  For some reason I read gardens and thought there would be a lot of flowers.  I guess I missed the Desert part, it was all Cacti. We still had fun.  I liked the Teddy bear cactus and the Devils cactus.  The weather was perfect for going.  There is one section were there are some rocks and in the middle is a fountain of water.  Owen got so excited.  He loves water.  I put him down next to the rocks and he was so happy.  When I picked him up to go he cried and cried.  My baby is becoming more spoiled by the minute.   Anyways I'm glad we went but I'm also glad we got in for free.  If you decided to go I would suggest going on a free night or getting a free pass to go because I don't think its worth $18 unless your not from here and really want to see some cacti.  If you really want you can come wander in my back yard and give me the $18.  I promise you'll see some jack rabbits, dirt and Cacti. 


My baby's First Halloween.  Our ward had a Trunk-or-Treat the weekend before Halloween and my parents neighbor hood had a party on Halloween so we got 2 parties.  Owen was a little nervous after the party when all the kids were trick-or-treating.  We were handing out candy and he was playing but my phone went off and he started crying. I'm pretty sure his problem was he was tired since he wont take 2 naps anymore.   Next year he should do better. 

A pumpkin and a purple head lady...aka Owen and Grandma.  

 After the party Owen feel asleep and Ryan and I carved our pumpkins.

Before...Ryans pumpkin needs my pumpkin to lean on.

The inside
 Ryan was suppose to carve a Diamondbacks D but it feel apart so he free styled a pumpkin face.  If I had to free style a face mine would not be nearly as good as his.  
Finished Product Mine on the left Ryan's is on the Right.