Friday, December 9, 2011

Welcome Owen Ryan Pett!!

When I went to my doctors appointment right before Thanksgiving my doctor asked me if I wanted to be induced. I said I don't have anything against it. She said ok lets do it next week. I said ok sometime after Tuesday cause Ryan had a test and a presentation that day. She said oh well can we do it after the test I have to be there all night anyways. I looked at Ryan and he said sure. So, we decided to go in at 5pm on Nov. 29th 2011. When we get there the nurse comes out and tells us there is to many people in labor now so they couldn't induce me. They get my number and will call when there is room.

Ryan and I go home to just wait. Luckly we live only 1/2 mile from the hospital. So at 8:00 they call me and ask me to come in at 11pm. At about midnight they finally get me in. The nurse told me she almost sent me home again but my doctor wanted all her patients in tonight. So I get a bunch of saline solution injected into me and then they start the pitocin. I pretty much just lay there all night. Tori came down but I tried to sleep some. At about 7 the nurse checked me and I was dilated to a 4. My doctor came in a few minutes later and was going to break my water but when I sat up I was in to much pain so I got an epidural first and then she broke my water.

When the nurse checked me at noon I was dialed to a 10. She called my doctor and she told me to labor down for a while. She was hoping to get through her office hours before she had to come in to deliver Owen. So then from 1-3 I pushed with Ryan and the Nurse. I couldn't even move my legs or keep them up. I guess my epidural was working. Then at 3 my doctor told me to rest for awhile and she would be there at 4:30. She got there a little after 4:30 and they thought they might have to use forceps to pull him out but durring the hour his head came down more and he was born at 4:49. Owen weighed 8lbs 5oz and was 19 3/4 inches.

Everyone is doing great. I'm going to have to buy a swing unless I want to bounce him to sleep every day. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Baby Shower!!!

So before I tell you all about my baby shower here is a picture of me at about 31 and 1/2 weeks pregnant.
So I didn't really get any picture during the shower because I was to busy talking but here are some pictures of before.

Here is the bowl of punch with a rubber ducky in it.

Here is me with all the food. Yum! I am about 34 weeks pregnant.

The cute Diaper wreath that Becky make me.

The food without me!

The All-star cake Ryan wants our little Boy to be a base-ball player.

Whats a baby shower with out some balloons.

Becky did a great job with all the decorations and my mom and Heather planned the games. We played the attributes game, the candy bars in the diaper game, and the price is right. Everyone had a great time and I got a bunch of nice clothes, diapers, and blankets to keep little Owen warm this winter.

Thank you mom, Heather, and Becky!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

We got released from primary. It was a fun 2 years. We knew it was coming since they called new primary teachers and there was no class for them to teach we both thought oh I bet they are taking our class. We'll the next week they call and ask to meet with us and we were out of town but the next week they told us we were going to be released. They didn't have a new calling for us yet but I'm fine with out one for now. I told Ryan he was going to be called as Sunday School President since they released ours but haven't called a new one. I guess we will wait and see.

Labor Day weekend

So last year I wrote a list of stuff I wanted to do around Tucson before we left. A couple of things we hadn't done yet were go to Tombstone and Bisbee, and the Biosphere. We'll Ryan works Saturdays and we will have a baby in December so when will we go??? Since we had a 3 day weekend I was determined to do one of them. After looking into both of them we decided on Tombstone and Bisbee. We decided that it would be easier to take a baby to the biosphere than through a mine.

Saturday morning we woke up and drove to Bisbee its a cute little town. We did the Queens mine tour there. Then wandered around downtown Bisbee.
Got out of the 100 degree heat

Ryan all dressed and ready to go

Do you notice my extra strap around me that so the battery pack wouldn't hurt the baby!

In the Mine

Got to get to work drilling!

Then Ryan will blow it up!

We then left to make it to the live gun show in Tombstone. They didn't use bullets but they used really gun powder so we still saw the smoke and heard the shot. Evey time the guns would go off Ryan would get this little kid excited look on his face and laugh cause there was a bunch of guns involved it was cute. Then all they babies in the stand would start crying cause of the loud noise.

I"m a cow Girl!

The Fight!

Save us!

After walking around downtown Tombstone we drove back to Tucson. We thought about doing the Biosphere on Monday but me being 6 or 7 months pregnant didn't want to clime 150 stairs and stand in the heat so we went to the Pima Air and Space museum.

I almost blacked out there because I hadn't drank any water after getting a water bottle I felt munch better. If was fun looking at all the old planes and hearing about the in ww II.

All Star Game!

This year we had an all Adult Pett Vacation in Arizona. The all-star game was in Phoenix this year so everyone came down to go. The First day was fan fest which was a bunch of base ball games and free stuff to go around and collect.

I through at like 34 mph and Ryan through somewhere around 70 (I think, this happened in July and its October so I'm a bit late), They also had batting cages, run around the bases, and steal a base games.

Ryan throwing as hard as he can!

Batting Practice

My Turn!

Then we made our own baseball cards it was lots of fun.

After that we went home to change and get ready to go to the temple. Kari and Kevin did baptism and the rest of us did a temple session. I had to go home the next Sunday night for work but after that Ryan and the rest went to the home run derby on Monday and the All star game on Tuesday. The nationals one so Ryan was really excited.

Our Dream Cars at Fan Fest!

Ryan at the Game!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

4th of July Fun!!

So I know I'm like 2 months late on this but oh well. We drove up to Idaho falls and met up with my family at my grandmas house. I also have 2 good friends Laura and Bobby living up there. We hung out with them and got to meet there cute daughter Ava.

We walked the green belt around the temple and the falls and fed some ducks.

Later that night we had a fireworks show done mostly by Trent and Ryan but I helped light some off to. Ryan was excited to be in a place where fireworks are legal. We had a grand finale with Trent and Ryan running through the middle of the fire works and jumping over them.

We also went and shooting. One day thanks Bobby and Laura!

Yellowstone is only 2 hours away from my grandmas house, So we took a trip up there. We drove through the teatons trying to find a bear but had no luck. We saw old faithfull go off and lots of other gyers.

The Tetons

On Top of the Mountain there was some snow up there. I threw some at Desi!

A waterfall in in Yellowstone

Old Faithfull. I tried to up load a video of it but I think its to long sorry!

We had a wonderful time with friends and family. On the way back instead of doing 15 hours all at once we stopped in Utah and saw Kari. We went on a hike, I wimped out and only went like a fourth of a mile. Then we did an ultra sound and found out we were having a boy!!! We still cant wait tell December.

We also stopped off in Vegas to visit one of Ryans friends Josh. His wife just had a baby in June and she is super cute. Then we ended the vacation with Ryan's family in Mesa stay tuned for that post on the all-star game!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Falling Apart

So last week I felt like our apartment was falling apart. I think we live in one of the best complex in Tucson. It was remodeled right before we moved in with new appliances and granite counter tops. However, with the rain storm this week our roof started leaking over Ryan's side of the bed. ahhhh. So I had to put up buckets and call the emergency maintenance line. They were no help there was nothing they could do tell morning. Ryan tells me your side of the bed is fine you can sleep there. Yea right and have the roof collapse on me no thank-you. So we pulled our mattress out into the living room and left the buckets to catch the water. After that it was kinda fun camping out and watching a movie.

Another thing breaking on us right now is our fan. This last week it stopped working, it would just make this erererer noise. Instead of buying a new one Ryan gets an ink column from inside a pen and starts moving the blade until it starts running. He has been doing this every night hoping the fan will last through the summer. I don't know if its going to work we woke up at like 3am Sunday morning and had to turn it off cause it started making the erererer noise and wouldn't run anymore. It worked last night but the noise is getting louder so we shall see how long it lasts.

Our roof should be fine now we've had a couple of storms since with no leakage but I think our fan will be dying our soon!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

It a boy

We just found out were having a boy. I'm due December 8th so I'm 20 weeks pregnant.

8 weeks prego

Here is one at 19 weeks in 3D. My doctors office was one of the first in Tucson to get a 3D machine they have only had it for about a month.

My doctor says everything is fine he is breech right now but has plenty of time to turn around. When I told Ryan that if the baby was breech at the end I would have to have a C-section he said well we don't want that go for a jog and move the baby. LOL I thought that was cute.

My belly has started to pop out the last couple of weeks but not enough to need maternity clothes yet. Although I did buy a new bra last month and I think I need a new one again.

So I'm halfway there and just trying to come up with a good name for him. Ryan doesn't like anything common cause everyone will have that name and I don't want it to weird so we need a cute uncommon name. Any suggestions??

Saturday, April 2, 2011

3rd times the Charm!

Since high school I"ve always wanted to go to NYC. My parents would ask what do you want to do there. I would say I don't know the empire state building and The statue of liberty. Finally when I was 19 my dad took Heather and I for an overnight trip. When we got to the empire state builind they said it was a 2 hour wait. We'll since we were only there for a day we didn't want to wait. The second time I went to NYC was when I lived in Palmyra. I tried to go like 3 times but while we there the weather was bad and they said all you will see is fog. I didn't want to spend 20 dollars to look at fog. We'll a couple weeks ago I finally made it to the top with Ryan. He had been there before, so didn't really want to do it again, but did it for me. When we go to the top it was night and he said this is so cool. Its better at night with all the lights.

Statue Of Liberty!

Times Square!

Rockefeller center

Our tour of the UN.

Getting ready for Our NBC studios tour. Sorry no Pictures allowed inside :(

We also had a fun couple of hours at the Sony museum. We got to create our own music video, and newscast, preform heart surgery (I'm sure I killed my patient) and play with technological things and of course tried out PlayStation games. We had a great time in NYC.