Friday, December 9, 2011

Baby Shower!!!

So before I tell you all about my baby shower here is a picture of me at about 31 and 1/2 weeks pregnant.
So I didn't really get any picture during the shower because I was to busy talking but here are some pictures of before.

Here is the bowl of punch with a rubber ducky in it.

Here is me with all the food. Yum! I am about 34 weeks pregnant.

The cute Diaper wreath that Becky make me.

The food without me!

The All-star cake Ryan wants our little Boy to be a base-ball player.

Whats a baby shower with out some balloons.

Becky did a great job with all the decorations and my mom and Heather planned the games. We played the attributes game, the candy bars in the diaper game, and the price is right. Everyone had a great time and I got a bunch of nice clothes, diapers, and blankets to keep little Owen warm this winter.

Thank you mom, Heather, and Becky!

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