Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm posting this from my new phone. We got them a couple weeks ago they are touch screens with the
internet. Anyways Ryan is back in school full time and working 30 hours a weeke is stressed out and had to study today. I miss Saturdays when we would spend the day together. Today though i am just his cook maid and massage theropist

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Campout!

Just like eveyone else we went Camping for Labor day!!! Heather had been trying to get me to go up to her parents property for a couple years we just never had the time or we went to California instead. Here are some picture!

We stopped off at Woods Canyon Lake and had a picnic.

The Lake!

There Property in clay springs in in the middle of Show low, Snowfake and Heber. SO we went to the snow fake temple!

Whats a camping trip without a bonfire and smores every night???

Ryan and his guns! we went shooting Monday morning before we left.

What a great weekend getaway!