Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Owen is in the transition from two naps to one nap.  I thought babies were suppose to give up there morning nap and take a early afternoon nap when they transition.  Owen however thinks he is suppose to take a morning nap and then stay up the rest of the day.  When I lay him down for his afternoon nap all he does is scream like he is being murdered.  I eventually give in and go get him.  For the most part he is a happy baby but I can tell he is overtired.  He is waking up too early in the morning like 530 or 6.  He used to sleep tell like 630 or 7.  Today I decided to take him to the mall so he would fall asleep in the car on the way home.  A good 10 min drive going 70mph on the freeway always makes him sleepy.  I wish he would sleep more...

B-day celebrations---mostly what we ate!

Since Ryan's birthday was on a Sunday and we weren't going out to eat he somehow got 3 birthday dinners.  The first one was a joint one with my cousin Heather.  She wanted to try Benihanas cause she had never been there, and they give you $30 free dollars the month of your birthday, so it makes that restaurant semi affordable.  I like going there because you get dinner and a show.  They cook in front of you.  There is my seafood junkie husbands lobster cooking right in front there.  He let me have a couple bites and it was really good. 

Next we went out to dinner with his family.  Ryan and I saw this seafood food resturant Kings Fish House, at tempe market place and he wanted to try it.  The only place I know of that serves sea food is Red Lobster so when we saw this place Ryan got excited.  Since I'm not a huge fan of seafood I was trying to decided between the samlon and the chicken.  Everyone told me I had to get the Samlon so I did.  Ryan got to try Sword Fish for the first time.  They print a new menu every day with the fresh fish that they have.  This was the start of there Sword fish season.  After dinner Jeff took Owen home since he wanted to go to bed and the rest of us went to a haunted house.  Ooooooo.  It starts with us checking in at a hotel and then we wander through the rooms filled with blood and ghosts.

Ryan's actual birthday!  We got up and had some Danishes and hash browns.  Then headed off to church.  That night we had steaks, twiced backed potatoes homeaide rolls, applesause and choclate cream pie.  Thanks Becky.  Owen particually enjoed the pie and home aide applesause.  Can anyone guess what Ryan got.   Yes some baseball cards along with pants, running shorts, a game, sunglasses, the movie battleship and some $$$.  What a spoiled boy. 

Oh wait one more night of Ryan's birthday/Kevin is leaving in a week.  We went to the Cardinals game.  My first football game.  They got slaughtered.  Sorry boys.  It was a fun experience hopefully if I ever go again they will win. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fun times in October

 Ryan has had a couple of days off and I like to do fun things on the rare occasion when that happens.  One night we dressed Owen up in his Halloween costume and took him to the pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins.  I was looking at different places to go and I didn't want to pay to get in since Owen is still young and can't do much, not to mention Ryan is in his last year of school so we aren't making millions yet.  My mom told me to go to mother nature its the one she goes to every year.  It turned out to be great.  Her's my cute little pumpkin. 
Family Picture

My Pumpkin

 The first Friday of every month different museums are free!!!  We took Owen to the Children's musuem.  He loved it.  He even  brought home a cold.

working on his puzzle
Inside a cave

I got a groupon for the aquarium.  Owen loved the aquarium in DC so we went again.  Here I am with a school of fish.

Ryan decided he wanted to learn how to fish.  There is a chance we could move to Alaska next year and just in case we have to live off the land he wanted to learn to fish.  It turns out Becky and her sister Lori used to fish so we meet up at the park and practiced our skills.  I caught a tree branch and and Becky, Lori and Stan all got a fish.

As I mentioned before we are poor college students but we still like to have fun.  We got culture passes from the library which gave us two free passes to the science musuem and Owen is already free so it was perfect for us.  Owen had a blast playing with the balls, legos and spinning round and round in circles as fast as you can.  Since we got in free we decided to pay a few dollars and ride the bike tight rope.  It was  a great afternoon and Owen feel asleep as soon as we got to the car.  

Well the months not over yet so look for my next post on my first football game, Ryans b-day, carving our pumpkins, and of course Halloween.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Growing up!

Owen is growing up so fast.  I feel like last week someone stole my baby and replaced him with a different one.  His biggest thing is he learned to crawl!!  I noticed him kinda trying and actually moving his knees but he was tired so I didn't push him.  The next morning though I put the computer in front of him (his favorite toy) and he would crawl for it.  If it was to far he wouldn't go so I would get it so he didn't have to crawl to far and slowly push it back and he would chase it.  Now he flys across the room for certain things other times he still points and wants me to get it for him.

Do you all know the ring toy?  I will try to describe it.  That toy with about 5 different size rings with holes in it and you stack them together.  Well Owen used to take them apart but now I get to take them apart and he puts in back together. 

Owen is also babbling alot more.  He loves to chat.  He was so loud during Relief Society talking with another baby.  I eventually took him out but I had to wait for the bowl of chocolate to get to me right. :)  I went to a Relief Society craft night and Owen went out with the boys and he said ma ma.  He was asking for me.  Every once in awhile I will hear it out of him.  He already says Dada all the time. 

Owen loves going outside.  I started taking him to the park in the morning.  He loves the swing.  When I stop it to get him out he holds on and bounces up and down for me to push it some more.  He knows what he wants.

When I take Owen to Target I try to show him all the baby toys but they are right next to the electronic department and he wants the TVs.  He starts kicking his legs and gets so excited to see a wall full of TVs.  I try to leave and he crys and points to the TVs.  He doesn't even like the TV to much at home.  He hands me the remote to turn it on and he flips through all the channels. 

Owen is growing up too fast I can't believe next month he'll be one.  He is a handful but lots of fun. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Fall/Holiday/might be my last year in Az bucket list

Ever since I had Owen (and started using pintrest) I've been thinking a lot about what traditions Ryan and I could do with our kids.  Some of these ideas I want to do every year, some are just an excuse to get out of the house and do something, some are things to do in AZ that I most likely cant do next year, and some are  a combination of all 3.   So here we go...

  1. Go to the State Fair
  2. Go to the Renaissance Festival ( I guess this is in Feb and March but I still want to go)
  3. Go to a pumpkin patch and carve a pumpkin (Ryan and I already do this every year)
  4. Go to the children's museum (1st Friday doing it tonight check)
  5. Go to the Aquarium already got my tickets through Groupon 
  6. Make a special breakfast for General Conference Sunday
  7. Go see the construction process of the Gilbert temple
  8. Take Owen trick or treating he's going to be a pumpkin
  9. Go to a Monday night football Cardinals game (going Oct 29th)
  10. Eat a big Thanksgiving dinner
  11. Make a gingerbread house
  12. Go see the temple lights
  13. Get the Elf on a Shelf book and have a North pole breakfast--- I saw this on Pintrest Owens a little young but Ryan said no lets do it this year.  I'm not to sure Ryan heard anything else but breakfast
  14. Go see Santa
  15. Go to the Zoo when its a little cooler out I cant believe its still in the 100s
  16. Go to an outdoor concert at Freestone park I recently just found out they do this on the first Thursday of every month
  17. Learn how to fish 
Thats my list so far maybe I'll add more later.  If anyone has any ideas let me know.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Owen is growing up so fast.  He is 10 months old now.  He still won't crawl but I think he is getting closer every day.  The other day he was screaming in his crib as I was trying to get him to fall asleep.  I went in there to check on him and he was sitting up.  What when did you learn to do that?  He has done it a couple time where he is on his stomach and pushes himself up.  So proud maybe he will learn to pull himself up and crawl soon. 

He is also turning into a picky eater.  He refuses to eat anything.  He screams bloody murder if I try to put him in his high chair.  The only thing that calms him down is yogurt.  If he sees yogurt he will stop screaming and want some.  Ryan and I have to get some fruit on his spoon then dip in the yogurt so he will eat it.  Most of the time he will eat cheese too.  I'm glad he's not lactose intolerant or he would never eat. He will also try whatever we are eating.  If its something good like ice cream he will probably want more. 

This morning he was refusing to eat wouldn't even touch the yogurt.  I guess I mixed it with stuff he didn't like one to many times.  So, I went and got a bowl of cheerios had a couple bites then he scarfed down the rest.  Along with some fruit.  I have to come up with new and creative ways to get him to eat every day. 


The month of September went by so fast.  My sister-in-Law Kari and my BFF/cousin Heather both got married.   I was worried at first because they had both picked the same weekend in different states.  I was going to fly back early Saturday morning so I could be at Heathers.  It all worked out though since they both ended up changing there wedding to different weekends in September.

It was an adventure just getting to SLC for  Kari's wedding.  Everything was fine we got on the flight and it took off.  About a half an hour into it the pilot says the check engine light came on and we have to go back to PHX.  What!?  Aren't we close enough to SLC that we can make it?  Apparently not.  So we go back to PHX and of course Owen falls asleep as we are landing and we find out we have to switch planes.  In the course of getting on and off he wakes up.  We land in SLC about 2 hours late and are heading to pick up the rental car.  We find out they have no cars and we are going to have to wait an hour.  Well Jeff comes and picks Owen and I up as Ryan waits. 

Now the wedding part.  Kari and Joey had a great dinner the night before.  We had fun chatting with family and seeing photos of Kari and Joey growing up.  Then the next morning we drove to the Salt Lake Temple.  It was my first time being inside.  They had a cute kid room and a couple of Kari's friends babysat.   When we go to pick up the kids Rocco says he had to entertain Owen, so he wouldn't cry and I asked him, "was that hard work" and he says "yea"!  lol... After the ceremony and pictures we took a drive so Owen would sleep and then ate at the spaghetti factory.  Owen was a trooper letting us drag him around all  day.  On the way to the reception he slept.   Yea!  I was worried he would be tired the whole time.  After family pictures, he had so much fun playing in the grass.  Then we partied the night away.  She had a live band and we danced all night.

Heathers wedding was in good old AZ.  A  little bit easier for me to go to since I gave Owen to Becky to watch and he was able to sleep at home.  She had a nice ceremony in the mesa temple and a fun reception.  We ate tacos, listened to music and talked all night with family and friends.

Both wedding made me think of mine.  I'm so glad I got marry my best friend Ryan!