Tuesday, October 30, 2012

B-day celebrations---mostly what we ate!

Since Ryan's birthday was on a Sunday and we weren't going out to eat he somehow got 3 birthday dinners.  The first one was a joint one with my cousin Heather.  She wanted to try Benihanas cause she had never been there, and they give you $30 free dollars the month of your birthday, so it makes that restaurant semi affordable.  I like going there because you get dinner and a show.  They cook in front of you.  There is my seafood junkie husbands lobster cooking right in front there.  He let me have a couple bites and it was really good. 

Next we went out to dinner with his family.  Ryan and I saw this seafood food resturant Kings Fish House, at tempe market place and he wanted to try it.  The only place I know of that serves sea food is Red Lobster so when we saw this place Ryan got excited.  Since I'm not a huge fan of seafood I was trying to decided between the samlon and the chicken.  Everyone told me I had to get the Samlon so I did.  Ryan got to try Sword Fish for the first time.  They print a new menu every day with the fresh fish that they have.  This was the start of there Sword fish season.  After dinner Jeff took Owen home since he wanted to go to bed and the rest of us went to a haunted house.  Ooooooo.  It starts with us checking in at a hotel and then we wander through the rooms filled with blood and ghosts.

Ryan's actual birthday!  We got up and had some Danishes and hash browns.  Then headed off to church.  That night we had steaks, twiced backed potatoes homeaide rolls, applesause and choclate cream pie.  Thanks Becky.  Owen particually enjoed the pie and home aide applesause.  Can anyone guess what Ryan got.   Yes some baseball cards along with pants, running shorts, a game, sunglasses, the movie battleship and some $$$.  What a spoiled boy. 

Oh wait one more night of Ryan's birthday/Kevin is leaving in a week.  We went to the Cardinals game.  My first football game.  They got slaughtered.  Sorry boys.  It was a fun experience hopefully if I ever go again they will win. 

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