Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Owen is growing up so fast.  He is 10 months old now.  He still won't crawl but I think he is getting closer every day.  The other day he was screaming in his crib as I was trying to get him to fall asleep.  I went in there to check on him and he was sitting up.  What when did you learn to do that?  He has done it a couple time where he is on his stomach and pushes himself up.  So proud maybe he will learn to pull himself up and crawl soon. 

He is also turning into a picky eater.  He refuses to eat anything.  He screams bloody murder if I try to put him in his high chair.  The only thing that calms him down is yogurt.  If he sees yogurt he will stop screaming and want some.  Ryan and I have to get some fruit on his spoon then dip in the yogurt so he will eat it.  Most of the time he will eat cheese too.  I'm glad he's not lactose intolerant or he would never eat. He will also try whatever we are eating.  If its something good like ice cream he will probably want more. 

This morning he was refusing to eat wouldn't even touch the yogurt.  I guess I mixed it with stuff he didn't like one to many times.  So, I went and got a bowl of cheerios had a couple bites then he scarfed down the rest.  Along with some fruit.  I have to come up with new and creative ways to get him to eat every day. 

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