Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I got a great FHE activity to do with your kids.  I heard about it relief society and thought I want to do that with my kids when they are older.  Then I thought why wait so last night I did it with Ryan and Kevin.  The lesson is on keeping the Sabbath day holy.

Tell your kid you are going to make Sundays.  Then set out the ice cream and toppings.  Instead of hot fudge, sprinkles, candy and whip cream sit out peperoni, onions, tomatoes, cheese or any other food your kid likes but you would never put on ice cream.  I made sure and put out Ryan's green Chile salsa which he has told me multiple times he could eat with anything, so it worked perfectly.  When they start compiling say well I thought you liked this food.  Then they will respond with yea but not on Sundays and your response will be well then are there actives you like to do but maybe we shouldn't do on Sundays and have a great discussion on keeping the Sabbath day holy.


If you ever want your husband to take care of your kids and have an excuse not to do the dishes or any other chores step on some glass.  Your foot will start bleeding and you will have to sit down and apply pressure to it.  Then you will have to stay seated or else it will start bleeding again so you might as well surf the internet.  I think I found Owens Halloween costume its a cute pumpkin.  Anyways as I type Ryan is mixing me some Iodine to soak my foot in.  That's what happens when you marry into a medical family you cant just slap a band-aide on.  Although I tried that and it didn't work.  I left a trail of blood as I walked so now I'm sitting.  At least I don't have to go to Urgent care, which my pharmacist husband and doctor father in law were talking about.  I said I don't need to, but they want me to go get a tetanus shot tomorrow and soak my foot in Iodine cause alcohol will burn but apparently Iodine wont.  Well the Iodine didn't really sting but it was cold. Here is the glass!
Photo: The glass that I lacerated the heal of my foot on.



Poor poor Owen he is going through the separation anxiety phase right now.  He used to love Ryan coming home and playing with him but now whenever Ryan holds him he is reaching for me.  Although if I leave he is fine playing with Ryan, Grandmas, Grandpas or Aunts and Uncles.  The hard part about this is whenever I lay him down to take a nap he screams bloody murder for a half an hour or until I give up and put him the swing.  He is really to big for the swing though. 

These days Owen has the cutest Jack-O-Lateran smile.  I wish I could get a picture but whenever I pull out the camera he wants it and starts reaching for it.  I guess thats kids for you.  We have pictured schedualed for Labor day but by then I'm sure he will have 2 more teeth since his 2 top front teeth are coming in.   O this child of mine is growing up too fast.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Family Reunion

This July we had a Brinkman Family Reunion.   It was perfect timing since Ryan's parents were moving that same week.  Since we are living with them it means we had to move to but most of our stuff was in boxes because all summer long we've been in Baltimore.  For the worst part of the move Owen and I were gone we missed most of the drama and Ryan had more time to help out since we weren't around.    We got to Utah  a day before my cousins and got to spend some time with the Pett girls.  Us girls like to be gone during big moves.  It was fun to see Clarissa and her kids.  I asked if they remembered who I was and Avery said no and Rocco said well I know your my Aunt but that's all.  So cute I guess that's what happens when you only see them once a year and they are young. 

Well  back to the Brinkman party.  Apparently eveyones favoirte part was when I wasn't there.  They played some games Friday night and I was getting Owen ready for bed. Oh well to start off with Friday some people took a walk and some of us played at the park.  Owen had a fun time in the baby swing then sitting on the grass watching people play.  Next was the lake.  I was effiy about going since we would be outside but Owen and I sat in the shade and played.  The last time the boat went out I tried Knee boarding I thought I got up the last time but I didn't extended my arms fully so apparenty I didn't. 
At the Lake

Then Saturday we spent the day doing rides at Park City.  I took Owen on the carosole a bunch of times and I got to ride the coaster once.  Then I walked him back home.  It was hot he was tired and the lines were long.  No fun.  At about 6 Alyssa got tired of the rides so she voluntreed to play with Owen while I went back.  It was lots  of fun.  There was the Apline slide, coaster, and zip line.  I think I got the better deal.  It was cooler, and shorter lines when I went back.  Thanks Alyssa. Owen did really well for Alyssa till the last half hour when he was tired and he screamed and screamed.  Then I get home, go lay down with him for five minutes and he is asleep. 

Zip line see my Grandma!

2 out of 4 nights we were there Owen got to sleep in a big bed.  I think he LOVED it.  While we were there he picked up Desirees cold.  His first sickness.  He had trouble sleeping and would wake up coughing.  Every night he ended up in bed with me which isn't fun on a twin bed.  Luckily half the time we had a queen or king bed.  Owen and I had fun visiting lots of family in July.  Now we get to settle down for a few months before our 6 week adventure in Atlanta.