Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I got a great FHE activity to do with your kids.  I heard about it relief society and thought I want to do that with my kids when they are older.  Then I thought why wait so last night I did it with Ryan and Kevin.  The lesson is on keeping the Sabbath day holy.

Tell your kid you are going to make Sundays.  Then set out the ice cream and toppings.  Instead of hot fudge, sprinkles, candy and whip cream sit out peperoni, onions, tomatoes, cheese or any other food your kid likes but you would never put on ice cream.  I made sure and put out Ryan's green Chile salsa which he has told me multiple times he could eat with anything, so it worked perfectly.  When they start compiling say well I thought you liked this food.  Then they will respond with yea but not on Sundays and your response will be well then are there actives you like to do but maybe we shouldn't do on Sundays and have a great discussion on keeping the Sabbath day holy.


  1. Our Primary Sharing time was the very same. Bro Devin Anderson got to eat part of a yummy ice cream sundae, until they started putting rocks, dirt, and leaves in it.

  2. She started it different. She had bags out with different toppings and asked the kids first things that were good to do on Sunday. The first good thing was the scoop of ice cream, the next a topping , then another topping. Bro Anderson got to take a bite after each topping. Then they went through the things that wouldn't be good to do on Sunday and she added the rocks,etc. She tried to get him to eat some but of course he didn't want it then. Good lesson the kids enjoyed.