Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The month of September went by so fast.  My sister-in-Law Kari and my BFF/cousin Heather both got married.   I was worried at first because they had both picked the same weekend in different states.  I was going to fly back early Saturday morning so I could be at Heathers.  It all worked out though since they both ended up changing there wedding to different weekends in September.

It was an adventure just getting to SLC for  Kari's wedding.  Everything was fine we got on the flight and it took off.  About a half an hour into it the pilot says the check engine light came on and we have to go back to PHX.  What!?  Aren't we close enough to SLC that we can make it?  Apparently not.  So we go back to PHX and of course Owen falls asleep as we are landing and we find out we have to switch planes.  In the course of getting on and off he wakes up.  We land in SLC about 2 hours late and are heading to pick up the rental car.  We find out they have no cars and we are going to have to wait an hour.  Well Jeff comes and picks Owen and I up as Ryan waits. 

Now the wedding part.  Kari and Joey had a great dinner the night before.  We had fun chatting with family and seeing photos of Kari and Joey growing up.  Then the next morning we drove to the Salt Lake Temple.  It was my first time being inside.  They had a cute kid room and a couple of Kari's friends babysat.   When we go to pick up the kids Rocco says he had to entertain Owen, so he wouldn't cry and I asked him, "was that hard work" and he says "yea"!  lol... After the ceremony and pictures we took a drive so Owen would sleep and then ate at the spaghetti factory.  Owen was a trooper letting us drag him around all  day.  On the way to the reception he slept.   Yea!  I was worried he would be tired the whole time.  After family pictures, he had so much fun playing in the grass.  Then we partied the night away.  She had a live band and we danced all night.

Heathers wedding was in good old AZ.  A  little bit easier for me to go to since I gave Owen to Becky to watch and he was able to sleep at home.  She had a nice ceremony in the mesa temple and a fun reception.  We ate tacos, listened to music and talked all night with family and friends.

Both wedding made me think of mine.  I'm so glad I got marry my best friend Ryan!

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