Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fun times in October

 Ryan has had a couple of days off and I like to do fun things on the rare occasion when that happens.  One night we dressed Owen up in his Halloween costume and took him to the pumpkin patch to pick out some pumpkins.  I was looking at different places to go and I didn't want to pay to get in since Owen is still young and can't do much, not to mention Ryan is in his last year of school so we aren't making millions yet.  My mom told me to go to mother nature its the one she goes to every year.  It turned out to be great.  Her's my cute little pumpkin. 
Family Picture

My Pumpkin

 The first Friday of every month different museums are free!!!  We took Owen to the Children's musuem.  He loved it.  He even  brought home a cold.

working on his puzzle
Inside a cave

I got a groupon for the aquarium.  Owen loved the aquarium in DC so we went again.  Here I am with a school of fish.

Ryan decided he wanted to learn how to fish.  There is a chance we could move to Alaska next year and just in case we have to live off the land he wanted to learn to fish.  It turns out Becky and her sister Lori used to fish so we meet up at the park and practiced our skills.  I caught a tree branch and and Becky, Lori and Stan all got a fish.

As I mentioned before we are poor college students but we still like to have fun.  We got culture passes from the library which gave us two free passes to the science musuem and Owen is already free so it was perfect for us.  Owen had a blast playing with the balls, legos and spinning round and round in circles as fast as you can.  Since we got in free we decided to pay a few dollars and ride the bike tight rope.  It was  a great afternoon and Owen feel asleep as soon as we got to the car.  

Well the months not over yet so look for my next post on my first football game, Ryans b-day, carving our pumpkins, and of course Halloween.

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