Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ryan's Marathon!!

As many of you know Ryan love to exercise and run. All semester long he has been training to run in a half marathon. The college of pharmacy gets a team together every year for this marathon, so he ran with about 30 other pharmacy students.

Becky came down for it and we loaded Ryan up with pizza pasta, bread, and garlic stuff yum. Then we woke up at 4am wow to drop Ryan off. The race didn't start tell 7 so Becky and I went home and took a nap.

We wanted to meet Ryan and the finish line so we went to what we thought was the finish line but found out it was a cheering area and the finish line was 2 miles away but we lucked out and saw Ryan, then we went and cheer for him at the finish line.

Ryan did a great job. His goal was to to beat 2 hours. He ran the 13.1 miles in 1 hour 49 miniutes. Way to go!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


For thanksgiving we went to my Aunts house. We had a big family one like we do every year. Then we stopped by Ryans parents. We had to go to bed early though cause we went black Friday shopping. We woke up at 315 and left at 330 to go to target.

Ryan kept saying he wanted to go to get the good deals. We'll I dont think he'll be going again. We got to target around 330 and had to wait 30 mins for the store to open. The line was around the building. We we freezing. All was worth it though. We got our I-tunes gift cards, movies, and heather got her toaster.

It was fun but maybe I"ll wait and go at 8am instead of 3 next year.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Favorite quote from Primary

Ryan and I teach the 7-8 year old kids in primary. Sunday we were having a lesson on preparing for the 2nd coming.

The other teacher was giving examples and asking if it was a way to prepare or not for the 2nd coming. When asked if Cheating on your spelling test was a way to prepare one girl raised her hand and said I know who cheats on spelling test she does" (pointing to her twin sister).

Then her sister yells, "that was before I was baptized."

The 3 of us teachers couldn't help but laugh at that. This year we have had quite a rambunctious class but love coming home with stories like that.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


For Halloween we went to nightfall a haunted ghost town. I know I'm like 2 months late on the post, but I wanted to put up some pictures. It was quite fun. We saw a magic show, and a Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde show. There was also 4 haunted house we went to.

We also had to carve our pumpkins:



With Lights! WOOO

Sunday, October 24, 2010

BBQ in the Park!!!

So this all started with me one day being bored, and looking up fun things to do in Tucson! I read about this park called Agua Caliente, it was suppose to be Tucson's best kept secret. I decided I wanted to go here one day!

Jump head a few months. Ryan and I were going to BBQ at our apartment. We went and bought coal, lighter fluid and a lighter. It wasn't time for dinner so we were trying to decided what to do before that. I mentioned playing frisbeee and he said are there any parks with grills??? Then I remembered about the park Agua Caliente and decided I wanted to go there to BBQ and play frisbee.

Starting the Fire!!!

Got the Hamburgers on!


Side note my parents came up a couple weeks later and we took them there! We also saw some turtles that were super cute!

Saturday, October 2, 2010


So Ryan had been praying to see if he should get a job or just focus on school. Last year he focused on school while working for a teacher a couple hours a week. This year he felt impressed to get a job. We decided we could still live off of what I made but could save his for the pricey tuition bills. Heavenly father however had different plans. Ryan got his perfect job of working 3 nights a week and always having weekends off at Kmart. He could even study a little while at work. A couple weeks later his motorcycle broke down and we had to fix the part that takes the gas to the engine. Right before we go to palm springs the window motor in my cars goes out we had to get that fixed. Then just last week I have a blow out with my tires. So Ryan new job was able to pay for all that. Not what we wanted to spend the money on but everything worked out. Now hopefully we can save that money for winter tuition.

Annies Apples!

Some girls at work told me about an Apple Orchard called Annie's Apples. You go to pick your own apples, pears, and peaches. Then a couple miles away they have a farm you can go pick your own vegetables and at the end of September through October they have pumpkins! So on Saturday Ryan and I took a drive out to Wilcox. (He made me drive so he could study). It was lots of fun. I will attempt to bake an apple pie and we will carve pumpkins in a couple weeks!

~~I love Saturday adventures~~

Palm Springs!

So we've been going on lots of weekend trips lately. A couple weeks ago we went to palm springs. We had a nice relaxing time and had fun at a water park there.

The sunset as we arrived!

The Tub slides!

Our Favorite slide!

Also while we were there palm springs has a walk of fame similar to Hollywoods Stars!

Othere than that we just relaxed at our Resort. We don't have cable so Ryan got in his football ESPN watching, while I watched a movie!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

I'm posting this from my new phone. We got them a couple weeks ago they are touch screens with the
internet. Anyways Ryan is back in school full time and working 30 hours a weeke is stressed out and had to study today. I miss Saturdays when we would spend the day together. Today though i am just his cook maid and massage theropist

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Campout!

Just like eveyone else we went Camping for Labor day!!! Heather had been trying to get me to go up to her parents property for a couple years we just never had the time or we went to California instead. Here are some picture!

We stopped off at Woods Canyon Lake and had a picnic.

The Lake!

There Property in clay springs in in the middle of Show low, Snowfake and Heber. SO we went to the snow fake temple!

Whats a camping trip without a bonfire and smores every night???

Ryan and his guns! we went shooting Monday morning before we left.

What a great weekend getaway!

Monday, August 30, 2010


Road Trip Lets all go! Heather, Ryan and I went on a Weekend trip to California. Heather drove up to Tucson Thursday night, and Friday morning we took of to Colettes house in California. We tried out Del Mar beach. Heather and I got about half way into the ocean, to a little above our waists while Ryan played in the waves. It was cold. Then Ryan and I (mostly Ryan) Created Crab Island.

We woke up early Saturday morning to drive to Knotts berry Farm but first, stopped off at the airport to pick up my Dad and sisters. We spent the whole day there 10am-11pm. What a long day!

Desi was shaking and about to cry but our 3rd time going on the accelorator, we convinced her to go and she loved it and rode it again. The ride is only 26 sec long and you go about 80 mph

We rode the pony's!

Sunday morning we drove to the Mormon Balaton in Old town San Diego. Great experience they have recently redone it to make it better!

Friday, August 27, 2010


I think I'm jinxed. I have lost or broken every cell phone I ever had after about 2 years. I got my fist cellular phone when I was about 20. I know I was pretty old. I had to talk my parents into paying for it and they weren't as popular back then. So anyways a couple years later I am driving to paradise bakery with my cell phone in my lap and get out of the car and forget about it and if falls. So I get out get my food and go home. Then when I am home I can't find my cell phone. I call my work and its not there and looked around my whole house. Can't find it, then I think it has to be at Paradise bakery. I go back to find my phone broken in the parking lot. I had run it over so I bring home the pieces.

Luckily we were a couple months away from getting new phones and T-mobile let me get mine early so I got a new phone free with a 2 year contract. My next phone I had for almost 2 years I went to Hawaii with a friend and when I got off the plane coming home I couldn't find my phone again. The stewardess went and looked but she couldn't find it so I guess it fell out of my pocket at the Honolulu airport. Well once again I just renewed my contract and got a new phone free.

Last week T-mobile sent a letter to up-grade our phones a couple months early and get new phones. So we did. This was going to be the first time I would do it with out having to get a new phone. So we buy our new phones on Saturday, and on Wednesday I loose it. I am jinxed. I renewed my contract 5 days to early I didn't loose my old phone but my brand new phone I was so sad. I looked everywhere for it and couldn't find it. I thought I was going to have to go to t-mobile and buy a new one. Then Thursday night when I'm driving and wishing for my phone so I could get some directions. I think it has to be in the car I remember taking it to work but never had it at work. So I dig in-between the seats and pull it out. I had looked in the car 5 times but I finally found it. YEA!!! So I guess the curse is broken I"m no longer jinxed I didn't loose my phone this time!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


So at work every once in awhile the AC starts to smell really bad. They've had AC repair people, and electricians come, check it out, many time but they could never find something wrong. Well today the vent closest to me went up in smoke!

It started smelling again and I thought oh great. But when I looked up there was smoke coming out of the vents and a girl running around the office saying everyone evacuate. Call 911. So my boss called the fire department, and everyone went across the street.

The diagnose the ac was just burning, but we were allowed to go home an hour early cause of all the smoke. I thought the firemen were blocking my way out and I wouldn't be able to leave. Luckily though the car next to me wasn't there and one of the fire fighters helped me back out. Since we are a billing office we were all hoping are work would go up in flames but it didn't, so I guess I'll go in and finish it all tomorrow.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July in Sedona!

So I had a 3 day weekend and wanted to go to Sedona. I hadn't been there since I was a teenager, when we went up for the day to go to slide rock. One of the benefits of my Dads job was being able to fly free so why drive for 2 hours up to Sedona when you can go to Disney Land instead.

Since Ryans parents were also going up there we all went together.

I have to mention before all the Sedona fun that we did make a stop in Mesa to see Eclipse with my family. Love the movie. My favorite so far.

Anyways back to Sedona. We woke up early on Saturday morning and stopped by the resort. Becky and Kevin were already up there since they had Friday off. We changed into our swimsuits and drove to slide rock. The parking lot was full and there cars lined up waiting for others to leave so they could get in. We weren't going to do that. SO we parked along the side of the road and walked. When we go there we found out it was $50 dollar ticket to park there so Jeff and Ryan went to move the car. They found a hotel and payed to park there and they dropped them off then picked them up at the end of the day so nice!!

On Sunday we had a nice sacrament meeting before continuing on to Jerome, an old mining and ghost town then a nice hike on airport road!

Unfortunately Kevin had to work on Monday so Jeff and Kevin missed out on Out of Africa! There we went on a Safari ride were we feed some animals, watched a tiger splash show, petted a snake, and had a lot of fun! Here are the pictures!

Friday, June 18, 2010


The month of June has been a busy month. 2 girls I work with quit so there has been a lot of overtime. But I'm ok with it because got a permanent position now. I don't have to worry about being laid off. Yea!!!

Even with working a lot we found time to go visit family and friends in Mesa. Friday night we met up with Ryan's family at US airways arena to watch a the Rattlers arena football game. Much better than the last football game I went to. It was indoors, with seats not bleachers. The game was a close one, right at the end the other team scored to make them one point behind and I thought it might go into overtime if they got the extra point. Luckily they decided to go for 2 points and either win it or loose it. I was glad, I was ready to leave and as it turned out they missed the extra point so no overtime and we won!!!

Saturday, we planned to go float down the river! We wanted to wake up early and go at like 9, to hopefully miss the crowds and drunks. Our plan worked out well when we got there they were having pirate day so the first 500 people could go visit 6 booths get a free drink and be able to get $5 off. It was great. So Kari, Alyssa, Heather, Ryan and I all floated down the river for 5 hours. Ryan was a leech and made all of us girls pull him on the slow parts. I mean come on Ryan you go to the gym every day use those muscles. Lol, Just kidding love you.

So now that we are home and I am the only one that is pink.... We met my parents at Tia Roas. YUM best Mexican food restaurant. Can't go to the Vally without stopping there!

We Finished off the night by going to the Diamondbacks game. They won of course!!! During the 7th inning stretch we went over by the organ to sing it and were on the jumbo tron!!!

Then we had to wake up early to drive back to Tucson to teach are wonderful primary children.

All and all a great weekend with little sleep.