Saturday, October 2, 2010


So Ryan had been praying to see if he should get a job or just focus on school. Last year he focused on school while working for a teacher a couple hours a week. This year he felt impressed to get a job. We decided we could still live off of what I made but could save his for the pricey tuition bills. Heavenly father however had different plans. Ryan got his perfect job of working 3 nights a week and always having weekends off at Kmart. He could even study a little while at work. A couple weeks later his motorcycle broke down and we had to fix the part that takes the gas to the engine. Right before we go to palm springs the window motor in my cars goes out we had to get that fixed. Then just last week I have a blow out with my tires. So Ryan new job was able to pay for all that. Not what we wanted to spend the money on but everything worked out. Now hopefully we can save that money for winter tuition.

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  1. It is amazing how things like that can happen, but don't you feel blessed that you actually had the money to cover such emergencies. Thanks for the updated posts.