Sunday, January 13, 2013

Atlanta week 2

 This week we went to the Atlanta history musuem and the Museum of Natural history.  The Atlanta history musuem had an area about the civil war, Indians, foklore, and the Olympics.  We also toured the Swan house.

Civil War

Olympic medals

Softballs signed by all the teams

The Swan house.
The Swan house tour was durring Owens lunch time.  I missed the end of it and had to leave to let him play and eat.  But the weather was perfect and he loved being outside.

Next we went to the Natural History museum.  I must admit its not as cool as the one in NYC or DC.  Ryan had to remind me thats because its NYC and DC.   LOL.  Anyways we also saw an Imax movie all about  Alaska.  The winters look horrible but the summer looks great. 

Owen and the Dino bones.

CNN Tour

Ryan got off work early one day so we headed to Atlanta to do the CNN tour.  I was a little worried because you can't take strollers and I know Owen is not going to want to be held for an hour.  It turned out to be ok.  Not the best. 

Ryan stole this picture off the internet!

We learned how Harry Potter disappeared under his invisibility cloak.  They used a green cloth and screen and when they put it on camera he was gone.
Now you see me

Now you don't.  (sorry not the best pic)

Here is where they are fact checking and getting the latest news.  We saw part of a broadcast sorry no pictures aloud. 

Afterwards we took a stroll through Olympic park.  Atlanta held the 1996 Olympic games.  

Here are the fountains around the rings!

Ryan and Owen entering the park!

Atlanta week one!

 We started off our adventures at Coca Cola world.  We tried to learn there secret recipe but apparently no one knows the whole thing.  I read that 2 people have half the recipe.  Not sure if that's true or  not. 

Waiting to start the tour!
See the drug sign.  A Pharmacist invented coke.

Owen with the coca cola bear.  He liked the one in Vegas better

Chillin with Dada
 Right next door was the Aquarium.  Owen loved all the fishes.  We even saw the dolphin show.

Do you see the whales?

Japaneses spider crab.  Who wants to eat me?

Getting to Atlanta!

Flying to Atlanta was an adventure.  Becky came into the airport with me and the line to check in was the longest I've ever seen.  I don't know how anyone made there flights.  I was worried since that was the line I needed to get Owens boarding pass.  Luckily we asked and they let  us go through the fast line.  The line at security was just as long, but because of Owen we went through the family line.  Once on the flight I got a aisle seat which was nice, but no extra seats so Owen didn't get his own seat oh well.  The flight was bumpy the whole time the seat belt sign went off for 5 minutes just long enough to change Owens diaper.  Once we landed and got off the plane I didn't know where to go.  I found a train that took us to baggage claim.  It was raining outside delaying Ryan from picking us up, but luckily Owen had a great time watching the rain.  Owen was so happy to see dada he was dancing away in his car seat.  After stopping to get gas Owen didn't want to come back to me.  Not sure if it was because he wanted Ryan or didn't want to get back in the car.  When we finally made it to Ryan's uncles house Owen went straight to who he thought was Grandpa.  Owen has loved having kids in the house whenever he hears Addie up he makes me take him to her.  I hope we enjoy the rest of our stay here.


Ryan had a pharmacy meeting in Vegas and Owen and I decided to go for the week.  I was a little worried about the 6 hour drive up there.  Owen did better than I thought he would,even though I could tell he wanted out of the car.  When we got there we had a nice fun play date with Krystal, Josh and Brinley.  Owen stayed up way passed his bed time but loved playing with Brinley.

The next day we walked around the Belligio and the Flamingo Gardens.  Owen loved it,  Then we just played at the hotel while Ryan ran his marathon.  He did it in 4 hrs 19min.  Wow!  Over the next couple of days Ryan was in meetings while Owen and I hung out at the hotel and wandered the strip.  Owen loved it.   He would point to all the lights and when we walked passed a store with music he would start dancing away, it was the cutest thing I've ever seen.  The hotel also had a mini water park for kids only problem it was December.  The water was heated so I let him play in it a few time.   He loves water.

When Ryan wasn't meeting with future employers we took a gondola ride through the Venetian, saw the Belligio fountains, and went to the Ethel M Candy store.  It was a fun week.  We ended up leaving the night before we thought so Owen would sleep the whole way home.  It turned out to be a great trip. 


This Christmas we got to see Santa Clause, see lots of family, go to parties and movies.  Owen is one spoiled baby he got to sit on Santa's lap 3 times.  There was no no line at the mall one day so I decided to see how he would react.  He screamed and screamed.  Even after he got off Santa's lap it took awhile to clam him down.  Then I found out Bass pro shop gives you a free picture with Santa so we all went one afternoon.  Owen had the same results tears and more tears.  He had one more chance.  My dads family has there annual Christmas party where Santa brings all the kids presents.  Owen was fine for a minute then the tears started.  He did however have fun with his present a new car.

Christmas Stalkings!
Becky and Jeff decided to have a party on Christmas eve which was lots of fun.  My family came along with Lori, Stan, and the Tropples.  We stuffed ourselves with a bunch of food, had a trivia game, read The night before Christmas, played bells, and had a white elephant exchange.  It was a great time with friends, and family.

Since Trent had to work and wasn't coming home tell Christmas night we got 2 Christmases. So the Pett Christmas was first.  We skyped with Clarissa and Kari, opened presents, ate Cinnamon rolls and bacon, and talked to Elder Kevin Pett.  Later that afternoon we dropped Owen off at my parents and went and saw Parental Guidance.  It was really cute.  Then we came home to a sea food feast.  Lobster, Crab, and shrimp.  YUM! 

The Smith Christmas.  We opened presents, ate a roast lunch and just spent time together.  The next day Ryan had to start his journey to Atlanta but the rest of us went and saw Les Mes.  I really liked it. It was a really great Christmas but during all the festivities my Grandmother got diagnosed with Leukemia.  She was supposed to come visit us but instead moved  to San Diego so she could be better taken care of by my aunt.  Since she couldn't visit us we went to see her.  While we were visiting her in San Diego we took Owen to the zoo.  Owen sure had been all over the place when I got back to AZ it was only for one day.  Owen and I then had to take a flight to Atlanta to meet up with Dad. More about Atlanta later. 

At the Zoo!

Owen loves Grandpa!