Sunday, January 13, 2013


Ryan had a pharmacy meeting in Vegas and Owen and I decided to go for the week.  I was a little worried about the 6 hour drive up there.  Owen did better than I thought he would,even though I could tell he wanted out of the car.  When we got there we had a nice fun play date with Krystal, Josh and Brinley.  Owen stayed up way passed his bed time but loved playing with Brinley.

The next day we walked around the Belligio and the Flamingo Gardens.  Owen loved it,  Then we just played at the hotel while Ryan ran his marathon.  He did it in 4 hrs 19min.  Wow!  Over the next couple of days Ryan was in meetings while Owen and I hung out at the hotel and wandered the strip.  Owen loved it.   He would point to all the lights and when we walked passed a store with music he would start dancing away, it was the cutest thing I've ever seen.  The hotel also had a mini water park for kids only problem it was December.  The water was heated so I let him play in it a few time.   He loves water.

When Ryan wasn't meeting with future employers we took a gondola ride through the Venetian, saw the Belligio fountains, and went to the Ethel M Candy store.  It was a fun week.  We ended up leaving the night before we thought so Owen would sleep the whole way home.  It turned out to be a great trip. 

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