Sunday, January 13, 2013

Atlanta week 2

 This week we went to the Atlanta history musuem and the Museum of Natural history.  The Atlanta history musuem had an area about the civil war, Indians, foklore, and the Olympics.  We also toured the Swan house.

Civil War

Olympic medals

Softballs signed by all the teams

The Swan house.
The Swan house tour was durring Owens lunch time.  I missed the end of it and had to leave to let him play and eat.  But the weather was perfect and he loved being outside.

Next we went to the Natural History museum.  I must admit its not as cool as the one in NYC or DC.  Ryan had to remind me thats because its NYC and DC.   LOL.  Anyways we also saw an Imax movie all about  Alaska.  The winters look horrible but the summer looks great. 

Owen and the Dino bones.

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