Monday, March 4, 2013

Atlanta week 3

One of the things you have to see while in Atlanta is stone Mountain.  People like to compare it to Mount Rushmore.  Stone Mountain is a carving of President Jefferson Davis, Robert E Lee and Thomas "Stonewall"  Jackson from the civil war.  We took a sky lift to the top of the mountain.  I didn't want to  hike it with a one year old.  It was cool to look out at see Atlanta.   It was fun Owen loved the ride.  On the was down we got a window seat and Owen held on to bar and stared out the window.  We had to pry his hands off to leave.  Then we went and walked around the carving.  They are having there snow days right now but we decided not to go sledding because of Owen.

On top of Stone Mt

Next we were going to go to this petting zoo/ farm.  We get there and Ryan gets Owens stroller out sets it on some uneven ground and I sit Owen in the stroller, turned my back, and bamb! Owen took the stroller down.  My poor baby.  All scrached up.  He finally calmed him down and we let him play for a minute then took him home.  He had a nice nap in the car and was fine but we decied to go on Monday instead.  Which turned out to be great since it was there $1 day. 

All scraped up :(
Back on Monday

Feeding the Donkey

Checking out  the  animals


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