Friday, March 22, 2013

Harry Potter World

Vacation time, after Ryan's rotation in Atlanta he had some time off school, so instead of going home we went to Florida.  Ryan's parents met us there and took care of Owen most of the time.  Thanks! The one thing Jeff and I wanted to was Harry Potter World which is part of Universal Studios Island of Adventure.    Since I love Harry Potter he gets his own blog post more about the rest of Florida later.

As you enter, you see the Hogwarts Express (I think they should make this into a ride) and then continue through all the shops in Diagon Ally.    Olivanders wand shop has a wand picking ceremony, you of course have to get some chocolate at Honey Dukes, browse through Fred and Georges shop Weasleys Wizard Wheezes,  and get an Owl at the Owl post all before heading to the Hogwarts Castle.  Don't forget to try some ButterBeer while you are their.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.
All aboard the Hogwarts Express

In Diagon Ally

Oh NO I saw Voldemort get me out of here

Which wand will choose me!
I found one!

We made it to Hogwarts

ButterBeer in Hogsmead

****Disclaimer we never saw Voldermert he is dead I don't remember what Owen was pointing at.

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