Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rapid city

The first thing we did when we moved to Rapid city was go to dinosaur park.  We have been twice once with Becky and another time with my Dad.  The park gives you a view of the city and its fun for kids.  Owen gets excited when he sees the dinosaurs.  


Our last trip before we moved to Rapid City was Disneyland with my family.  It was great to all get together especially since I don't know the next time we will get to see everyone.  Desiree never remembers going to Disneyland since she was little the last time we went so she was super excited.  I was worried It was going to be hard with Owen but turns out he had fun.  He could go on most of the rides and the rides he couldn't go on someone would take him on a different ride nearby.  He got stuck on its a small world for like 10 minutes but luckily he just danced to the music for awhile.  He liked the birds in the tiki room, the dumbo ride, and the boat safari.  I got to go on splash mountain 4 times which makes up for it being closed in Florida.  Owen  took a 2 hour nap in his stroller and then feel asleep on dads shoulder at night during the fireworks.  The next day we had a fantastic day at the beach.  It was cold but relaxing and fun.  

Here are the pictures

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

This year our 4th of July was spent at Mt Rushmore.  I was disappointed that there were no fire works but we still had a good time.  We went first thing in the morning hoping to beat the crowds and good thing we did because after an hour of wandering around it started to raining.  So, we got back in the car to drive to Crazy Horse.  We got there just in time to see them explode part of the mountain.  Its a work in progress monument.  Owen was ready for a nap so we went home and rested up for Rapid City's Summer nights.  Every Thursday downtown has a band, food and kid games.  Owen loved the train.  He never wanted to get off.  Hope everyone enjoys the pictures.  Come visit and we will take you there. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I hate moving and somehow  I thought it would be best if Ryan joined the Public Health Service (a branch of the military) and we moved every couple of years for awhile.  Since we were joining the military we thought we would have them move us.  I figured that could be done a couple weeks before Ryan started his job right.  Wrong!  We ended up getting setting the move up for a week before he started work only to find out the government wont pay for it that soon.  AHH they wont pay for it tell June 27th 4 days before he starts work.  So we call the moving company and they cant do it then but will do it in July when I am home by myself with a one year old.  No thanks so with some effort on our part (mostly Ryan) we decided to do a self move and get reimbursed. 

Thanks mostly to Becky our apartment is all organized and set up.  We have a lovely 3 bedroom apartment on the first floor that opens up to our patio with trees and grass.  I don't cringe whenever Owen wants to go outside anymore its 80 degrees not 117.  He is still getting used to actual grass.  He wanders over to the rocks and the neighbors flowers a lot.  We need to get our own flower pots.  Anyways we expect everyone to come visit us and explore Rapid city with us.


Ryan graduated May 10th.  We are done with school.  Graduation was a great despite Owen waking us up at 5:30 in the morning he definitely sleeps best in his own bed.  We got there a little early and Owen roamed around outside.  He filled up on cookies through the graduation speakers and tell they got to Ryan's name.  After that I took him outside for a bit and came back to see the end.  It was a good 4 years but I"m excited to start are next adventure in Rapid City. Enjoy the pictures!