Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Ryan had a 4 day weekend for veterans day.  It was nice having him home.  One of those days we went to the Badlands.  As you can tell it was freezing and windy.  Owen was a trooper and only complained a little about getting in and out of the car.

                                                                Family picture!

                                   Animal tracks sad we didn't see any real animals

                 Owen climbing the mountain

                                                   Ryan in the Badlands

                       Owens crying cause he wanted me to take him up there.


Owen was a pumpkin again this year for Halloween.  He however did not like dressing up.  I forced him into his costume for the ward trunk or treat.   He eventually had fun when he saw the candy he was getting.  A couple other parties I didn't force him into his costume but on Halloween I bribed him to put his costume on.  I asked him if he wanted to go trick or treating and get candy he said yea but wouldn't put his costume on.  I told him if you want to get candy you have to wear this he eventually gave in.  He had his Halloween bag but insisted on bringing his Lego bag to.  The next morning I asked him do you want muffins or pancakes for breakfast his response was candy.