Monday, April 15, 2013


Last year Owen was to young for Easter but this year I was so excited to be the "Easter bunny".  We bought him a coloring book, and stickers then scattered eater eggs filled with teddy grahams around the living room.  After showing him his Easter basket, which I'm pretty sure I liked more than him, we took him to the living room where he would crawl up to an egg, open it, get excited and eat his cookies. Don't worry he had a smoothie filled with fruits and spinach before his hunt.  After the first couple of eggs he would crawl up to the egg open it dump out the cookies and move on.  Grandma was nice enough to give him a baby pool and a few eggs.  Those eggs had goldfish in them and he turned his nose up to the fishes he likes cookies.  After church we went over to my parents where he got some new shoes and a book.  We had a great Easter can't wait to do it again next year and see how much more he understands.

We are moving bucket list

Well its a official we are moving to Rapid City SD.  Ryan starts his residency July first and we will leave sometime in June. We picked out our apartment and its a 3 bedroom so we expect everyone to come visit.   We are really excited to be moving there and to go on many adventures during  this year or maybe longer who knows.

Here is the start to my bucket list.  We cant do all the bigger trips at the  bottom unless we are there longer than a year but we can do all the South Dakota stuff.

  1. Mount Rushmore (4th of July)
  2. Crazy Horse Monument
  3. Custer State Park go see some Buffalo
  4. Bear Butte State Park
  5. Badlands National Park
  6. Wild Horse Sanctuary
  7. Black hills scenic drives
  8. Chapel in the hills
  9. Go out to the forest build a campfire, eat dinner, roast marshmallows then go home to sleep I'm not taking a one year old camping
  10. Thunderhead falls Gold Mine
  11. Gold factory tour
  12. Bear Country
  13.  Journey Museum
  14. Reptile Gardens 
  15. Minuteman Missile National historic site
  16. City of Presidents statues of presidents in downtown  rapid city
  17. Storybook Island
  18. Dinosaur Park
  19. 1880 Train ride
  20. Old McDonald Farm
  21. Roughlock Falls Nature area-- where dances with wolfs final scene was filmed, hiking the one mile trail well see if Owen can handle it
  22. Angostura Recreation area the beach
  23. The Mammoth site paleontological site museum
  24. Memorial Park Berlin wall exhibit
  25. Evans plunge Mineral indoor pool and slides heated 87 Degrees
  26. Devils Tower (WY) first national  monument
  27. Temple/Mall of America/Baseball trip to Minneapolis 
  28. Canada trip
  29. Sioux Falls
  30. Winterquarters