Monday, April 15, 2013


Last year Owen was to young for Easter but this year I was so excited to be the "Easter bunny".  We bought him a coloring book, and stickers then scattered eater eggs filled with teddy grahams around the living room.  After showing him his Easter basket, which I'm pretty sure I liked more than him, we took him to the living room where he would crawl up to an egg, open it, get excited and eat his cookies. Don't worry he had a smoothie filled with fruits and spinach before his hunt.  After the first couple of eggs he would crawl up to the egg open it dump out the cookies and move on.  Grandma was nice enough to give him a baby pool and a few eggs.  Those eggs had goldfish in them and he turned his nose up to the fishes he likes cookies.  After church we went over to my parents where he got some new shoes and a book.  We had a great Easter can't wait to do it again next year and see how much more he understands.

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