Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I hate moving and somehow  I thought it would be best if Ryan joined the Public Health Service (a branch of the military) and we moved every couple of years for awhile.  Since we were joining the military we thought we would have them move us.  I figured that could be done a couple weeks before Ryan started his job right.  Wrong!  We ended up getting setting the move up for a week before he started work only to find out the government wont pay for it that soon.  AHH they wont pay for it tell June 27th 4 days before he starts work.  So we call the moving company and they cant do it then but will do it in July when I am home by myself with a one year old.  No thanks so with some effort on our part (mostly Ryan) we decided to do a self move and get reimbursed. 

Thanks mostly to Becky our apartment is all organized and set up.  We have a lovely 3 bedroom apartment on the first floor that opens up to our patio with trees and grass.  I don't cringe whenever Owen wants to go outside anymore its 80 degrees not 117.  He is still getting used to actual grass.  He wanders over to the rocks and the neighbors flowers a lot.  We need to get our own flower pots.  Anyways we expect everyone to come visit us and explore Rapid city with us.

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