Sunday, January 13, 2013


This Christmas we got to see Santa Clause, see lots of family, go to parties and movies.  Owen is one spoiled baby he got to sit on Santa's lap 3 times.  There was no no line at the mall one day so I decided to see how he would react.  He screamed and screamed.  Even after he got off Santa's lap it took awhile to clam him down.  Then I found out Bass pro shop gives you a free picture with Santa so we all went one afternoon.  Owen had the same results tears and more tears.  He had one more chance.  My dads family has there annual Christmas party where Santa brings all the kids presents.  Owen was fine for a minute then the tears started.  He did however have fun with his present a new car.

Christmas Stalkings!
Becky and Jeff decided to have a party on Christmas eve which was lots of fun.  My family came along with Lori, Stan, and the Tropples.  We stuffed ourselves with a bunch of food, had a trivia game, read The night before Christmas, played bells, and had a white elephant exchange.  It was a great time with friends, and family.

Since Trent had to work and wasn't coming home tell Christmas night we got 2 Christmases. So the Pett Christmas was first.  We skyped with Clarissa and Kari, opened presents, ate Cinnamon rolls and bacon, and talked to Elder Kevin Pett.  Later that afternoon we dropped Owen off at my parents and went and saw Parental Guidance.  It was really cute.  Then we came home to a sea food feast.  Lobster, Crab, and shrimp.  YUM! 

The Smith Christmas.  We opened presents, ate a roast lunch and just spent time together.  The next day Ryan had to start his journey to Atlanta but the rest of us went and saw Les Mes.  I really liked it. It was a really great Christmas but during all the festivities my Grandmother got diagnosed with Leukemia.  She was supposed to come visit us but instead moved  to San Diego so she could be better taken care of by my aunt.  Since she couldn't visit us we went to see her.  While we were visiting her in San Diego we took Owen to the zoo.  Owen sure had been all over the place when I got back to AZ it was only for one day.  Owen and I then had to take a flight to Atlanta to meet up with Dad. More about Atlanta later. 

At the Zoo!

Owen loves Grandpa!

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