Sunday, October 24, 2010

BBQ in the Park!!!

So this all started with me one day being bored, and looking up fun things to do in Tucson! I read about this park called Agua Caliente, it was suppose to be Tucson's best kept secret. I decided I wanted to go here one day!

Jump head a few months. Ryan and I were going to BBQ at our apartment. We went and bought coal, lighter fluid and a lighter. It wasn't time for dinner so we were trying to decided what to do before that. I mentioned playing frisbeee and he said are there any parks with grills??? Then I remembered about the park Agua Caliente and decided I wanted to go there to BBQ and play frisbee.

Starting the Fire!!!

Got the Hamburgers on!


Side note my parents came up a couple weeks later and we took them there! We also saw some turtles that were super cute!


  1. Looks like a very nice park. We have friends in Tucson. The Izatt's, Mike and Julie. Also old friends from Ricks College Days - David and Lori Toone. I know it is a big place but any chance?