Thursday, July 15, 2010


So at work every once in awhile the AC starts to smell really bad. They've had AC repair people, and electricians come, check it out, many time but they could never find something wrong. Well today the vent closest to me went up in smoke!

It started smelling again and I thought oh great. But when I looked up there was smoke coming out of the vents and a girl running around the office saying everyone evacuate. Call 911. So my boss called the fire department, and everyone went across the street.

The diagnose the ac was just burning, but we were allowed to go home an hour early cause of all the smoke. I thought the firemen were blocking my way out and I wouldn't be able to leave. Luckily though the car next to me wasn't there and one of the fire fighters helped me back out. Since we are a billing office we were all hoping are work would go up in flames but it didn't, so I guess I'll go in and finish it all tomorrow.


  1. It's a good thing your work didn't go up in smoke. You would have had to start all over and many complaints.