Friday, August 27, 2010


I think I'm jinxed. I have lost or broken every cell phone I ever had after about 2 years. I got my fist cellular phone when I was about 20. I know I was pretty old. I had to talk my parents into paying for it and they weren't as popular back then. So anyways a couple years later I am driving to paradise bakery with my cell phone in my lap and get out of the car and forget about it and if falls. So I get out get my food and go home. Then when I am home I can't find my cell phone. I call my work and its not there and looked around my whole house. Can't find it, then I think it has to be at Paradise bakery. I go back to find my phone broken in the parking lot. I had run it over so I bring home the pieces.

Luckily we were a couple months away from getting new phones and T-mobile let me get mine early so I got a new phone free with a 2 year contract. My next phone I had for almost 2 years I went to Hawaii with a friend and when I got off the plane coming home I couldn't find my phone again. The stewardess went and looked but she couldn't find it so I guess it fell out of my pocket at the Honolulu airport. Well once again I just renewed my contract and got a new phone free.

Last week T-mobile sent a letter to up-grade our phones a couple months early and get new phones. So we did. This was going to be the first time I would do it with out having to get a new phone. So we buy our new phones on Saturday, and on Wednesday I loose it. I am jinxed. I renewed my contract 5 days to early I didn't loose my old phone but my brand new phone I was so sad. I looked everywhere for it and couldn't find it. I thought I was going to have to go to t-mobile and buy a new one. Then Thursday night when I'm driving and wishing for my phone so I could get some directions. I think it has to be in the car I remember taking it to work but never had it at work. So I dig in-between the seats and pull it out. I had looked in the car 5 times but I finally found it. YEA!!! So I guess the curse is broken I"m no longer jinxed I didn't loose my phone this time!!

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