Monday, August 30, 2010


Road Trip Lets all go! Heather, Ryan and I went on a Weekend trip to California. Heather drove up to Tucson Thursday night, and Friday morning we took of to Colettes house in California. We tried out Del Mar beach. Heather and I got about half way into the ocean, to a little above our waists while Ryan played in the waves. It was cold. Then Ryan and I (mostly Ryan) Created Crab Island.

We woke up early Saturday morning to drive to Knotts berry Farm but first, stopped off at the airport to pick up my Dad and sisters. We spent the whole day there 10am-11pm. What a long day!

Desi was shaking and about to cry but our 3rd time going on the accelorator, we convinced her to go and she loved it and rode it again. The ride is only 26 sec long and you go about 80 mph

We rode the pony's!

Sunday morning we drove to the Mormon Balaton in Old town San Diego. Great experience they have recently redone it to make it better!


  1. I'm glad the picture says battalion because I was a little confused about what Mormon balaton was. You and your spelling. lol. Looks like fun! When are you going to come to Idaho and play with Ava and I?