Friday, June 18, 2010


The month of June has been a busy month. 2 girls I work with quit so there has been a lot of overtime. But I'm ok with it because got a permanent position now. I don't have to worry about being laid off. Yea!!!

Even with working a lot we found time to go visit family and friends in Mesa. Friday night we met up with Ryan's family at US airways arena to watch a the Rattlers arena football game. Much better than the last football game I went to. It was indoors, with seats not bleachers. The game was a close one, right at the end the other team scored to make them one point behind and I thought it might go into overtime if they got the extra point. Luckily they decided to go for 2 points and either win it or loose it. I was glad, I was ready to leave and as it turned out they missed the extra point so no overtime and we won!!!

Saturday, we planned to go float down the river! We wanted to wake up early and go at like 9, to hopefully miss the crowds and drunks. Our plan worked out well when we got there they were having pirate day so the first 500 people could go visit 6 booths get a free drink and be able to get $5 off. It was great. So Kari, Alyssa, Heather, Ryan and I all floated down the river for 5 hours. Ryan was a leech and made all of us girls pull him on the slow parts. I mean come on Ryan you go to the gym every day use those muscles. Lol, Just kidding love you.

So now that we are home and I am the only one that is pink.... We met my parents at Tia Roas. YUM best Mexican food restaurant. Can't go to the Vally without stopping there!

We Finished off the night by going to the Diamondbacks game. They won of course!!! During the 7th inning stretch we went over by the organ to sing it and were on the jumbo tron!!!

Then we had to wake up early to drive back to Tucson to teach are wonderful primary children.

All and all a great weekend with little sleep.

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  1. "wonderful primary children" i miss them and want to come back. i love little kids and yours are funny.