Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Weekend Road Trip

Alyssa, Heather, Ryan and I went to Vegas for Memorial Weekend. Ryan's friend Josh lived there and he was able to hangout with us most of the time. I took pictures of all the hotlels we visited.

Treasure Island. I made everyone go to the show Sirens of the TI. Little did I know we were on the side were a bunch of girls were singing and dancing. Next we know to be on the side were the pirate ship sinks.
The Vinitan. It was super nice inside. We had dinner (at the food court we can't afford $100 dinners). Then saw the show The Blue Man Group. While they were introducing all the famous people that were there, on screen, Ryan Pett's name pops up saying everyone Thank Ryan he is just an average guy of no particular importance. It was great!

Of course we had to stop by the M&M factory. Yumm!A stroll down the Brooklyn Bridge Vegas style with a ride on NY NY

The coke Factory. We tasted 16 different coke products sold in other countries. Don't drink the soda from Italy!

View from the top! We took a ride on the straopher roller coaster which was overlooking the strip!

Waiting for the show at Caesars palace. We finally found it after 3 stops!

The Belagio had a great water show and gardens!

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