Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ryan and I took a motorcycle safety class this weekend. He had mentioned to me before that he wanted a motorcycle and asked if I would be opposed to it. I have nothing against it so I said I don't care if you get one. Then about a month ago he brought it up again. I figured it would be like the time before, and he wanted one in the future. He has always been against to having 2 cars, but apparently motorcycles are different. He needed it to get to work this summer. He spent a couple of weeks trying to convince me that he would be safe, buy a helmet, go the speed limit, and take a safety class. Then one day I said, Who are you trying to convince to buy this motorcycle I already told you I trust you. Are you trying to convince yourself its ok. Then the truth came. His mom is heavily against motorcycles. She thinks there unsafe and he was afraid to tell her. So instead he tells everyone else. When he calls his sister Clarissa it goes like this, "Can you keep a secret. Kristin and I pause.... are getting a motorcycle. We'll don't worry, during that pause she thought I was pregnant. Nope not yet!

My parents trust everyone but me to driving a motorcycle. They really don't even like me driving cars and are surprised that Ryan lets me drive. When they find out I'm also talking the motorcycle safety class with Ryan, my Dad laughs and my mom informs Ryan, "I don't want Kristin Driving she can ride behind you.

We took the class. Ryan did excellent and passed and got his license. I however only got my permit. Oh well after sitting on the bike Ryan bought its too bit and I don't want to drive it.

So Ryan took the class, got his license, and bought his motorcycle. Only one problem his parents didn't know. How does he tell them.

He puts pictures up on facebook and texts his mom to go look at facebook. So here is the pictures that she saw:

Go to Ryan's Pictures on Facebook to checkout her response.

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  1. Craig, loves having a motorcycle. I prefer riding behind it. It is too big to and I can't even hold it up. I am glad he does not ride it 90 miles to work, he used to ride it 50 miles to work. Just watch out for the other guys and listen to the Spirit. That helped keep him safe a lot. Have some fun times riding around exploring Tucson.