Friday, October 26, 2012

Growing up!

Owen is growing up so fast.  I feel like last week someone stole my baby and replaced him with a different one.  His biggest thing is he learned to crawl!!  I noticed him kinda trying and actually moving his knees but he was tired so I didn't push him.  The next morning though I put the computer in front of him (his favorite toy) and he would crawl for it.  If it was to far he wouldn't go so I would get it so he didn't have to crawl to far and slowly push it back and he would chase it.  Now he flys across the room for certain things other times he still points and wants me to get it for him.

Do you all know the ring toy?  I will try to describe it.  That toy with about 5 different size rings with holes in it and you stack them together.  Well Owen used to take them apart but now I get to take them apart and he puts in back together. 

Owen is also babbling alot more.  He loves to chat.  He was so loud during Relief Society talking with another baby.  I eventually took him out but I had to wait for the bowl of chocolate to get to me right. :)  I went to a Relief Society craft night and Owen went out with the boys and he said ma ma.  He was asking for me.  Every once in awhile I will hear it out of him.  He already says Dada all the time. 

Owen loves going outside.  I started taking him to the park in the morning.  He loves the swing.  When I stop it to get him out he holds on and bounces up and down for me to push it some more.  He knows what he wants.

When I take Owen to Target I try to show him all the baby toys but they are right next to the electronic department and he wants the TVs.  He starts kicking his legs and gets so excited to see a wall full of TVs.  I try to leave and he crys and points to the TVs.  He doesn't even like the TV to much at home.  He hands me the remote to turn it on and he flips through all the channels. 

Owen is growing up too fast I can't believe next month he'll be one.  He is a handful but lots of fun. 


  1. It seems crazy to me to see other kids just starting to crawl at 11 months. Ava walked at 9 months. Haha. I know there's nothing wrong with Owen or Ava. It's just funny. I hope this next one doesn't walk as soon as Ava did. That's also so funny about the TV's. He's at a really fun age. Ava's growing up too. Sometimes I miss her being little. I'm getting sick of hearing, "No, that's mine. Don't you ever touch it." Some of the things that come out of her mouth really surprise me. She also wants to do everything herself which gets really annoying sometimes. Everything takes twice as long because she has to do it herself and if I forget and do something for her she throws a tantrum. For the most part though she's a fun little girl. :)

  2. These last two posts were really cute. I like that you are enjoying and having fun with all the cute things Owen does. What a great thing. Being a mom is the best, at least I think so. Keep having fun and being positive.