Saturday, June 25, 2011

It a boy

We just found out were having a boy. I'm due December 8th so I'm 20 weeks pregnant.

8 weeks prego

Here is one at 19 weeks in 3D. My doctors office was one of the first in Tucson to get a 3D machine they have only had it for about a month.

My doctor says everything is fine he is breech right now but has plenty of time to turn around. When I told Ryan that if the baby was breech at the end I would have to have a C-section he said well we don't want that go for a jog and move the baby. LOL I thought that was cute.

My belly has started to pop out the last couple of weeks but not enough to need maternity clothes yet. Although I did buy a new bra last month and I think I need a new one again.

So I'm halfway there and just trying to come up with a good name for him. Ryan doesn't like anything common cause everyone will have that name and I don't want it to weird so we need a cute uncommon name. Any suggestions??

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