Sunday, July 24, 2011

Falling Apart

So last week I felt like our apartment was falling apart. I think we live in one of the best complex in Tucson. It was remodeled right before we moved in with new appliances and granite counter tops. However, with the rain storm this week our roof started leaking over Ryan's side of the bed. ahhhh. So I had to put up buckets and call the emergency maintenance line. They were no help there was nothing they could do tell morning. Ryan tells me your side of the bed is fine you can sleep there. Yea right and have the roof collapse on me no thank-you. So we pulled our mattress out into the living room and left the buckets to catch the water. After that it was kinda fun camping out and watching a movie.

Another thing breaking on us right now is our fan. This last week it stopped working, it would just make this erererer noise. Instead of buying a new one Ryan gets an ink column from inside a pen and starts moving the blade until it starts running. He has been doing this every night hoping the fan will last through the summer. I don't know if its going to work we woke up at like 3am Sunday morning and had to turn it off cause it started making the erererer noise and wouldn't run anymore. It worked last night but the noise is getting louder so we shall see how long it lasts.

Our roof should be fine now we've had a couple of storms since with no leakage but I think our fan will be dying our soon!

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  1. So you don't post anything about your fun in Idaho and how crazy Ryan and Trent are with fireworks? I'm glad you got your roof fixed. good luck with the fan and with naming your baby. I wouldn't want a weird name either. One of the kids in our primary class is named Heston. It's uncommon, a little weird, but not too weird. :) I also have nephews named Cutler and Soren. They aren't common either. Good luck! I personally have had a few classes with girls named Laura and for me it was never an issue having a common name. Everyone at least knew how to pronounce it because it was common unlike all the weird ones you hear now.