Saturday, November 10, 2012


My baby's First Halloween.  Our ward had a Trunk-or-Treat the weekend before Halloween and my parents neighbor hood had a party on Halloween so we got 2 parties.  Owen was a little nervous after the party when all the kids were trick-or-treating.  We were handing out candy and he was playing but my phone went off and he started crying. I'm pretty sure his problem was he was tired since he wont take 2 naps anymore.   Next year he should do better. 

A pumpkin and a purple head lady...aka Owen and Grandma.  

 After the party Owen feel asleep and Ryan and I carved our pumpkins.

Before...Ryans pumpkin needs my pumpkin to lean on.

The inside
 Ryan was suppose to carve a Diamondbacks D but it feel apart so he free styled a pumpkin face.  If I had to free style a face mine would not be nearly as good as his.  
Finished Product Mine on the left Ryan's is on the Right.

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  1. The purple hair is a different look for your mom.