Monday, May 21, 2012

Day #3 Mount Vernon

Since its Sunday and Owen doesn't seem to like DC (to much noise can't sleep wants to be held) we went to Mount Vernon.  Mt Vernon is George Washington's house.  While we were there we took a tour of his mansion, a cruise down the Potomac river, wandered the grounds, ate lunch and went to the museum.  After spending a nice relaxing day there with no tears, or noise, and plenty of time to wiggle, be held and sleep, we went to Baltimore to visit some cousins. 
Out in Front of George Washingtons house

The Cruise ship

Owen and Ryan sailing down the river

I want a house along this river with a boat

Needs his blanket and binkie

View from George Washingtons house

George Washingtons backyard

reconstructed face of George Washington

George Washington at like 17 or 18


Another re-constructed face of George Washington      

Sorry no pictures of dinner.  But we did go to Baltimore and have a great dinner with my cousin Anthony and his wife Janna.


  1. which cousins did you visit? maybe my brother and sister in law? or do you have other cousins in the area. looks like a fun time at mt vernon. hope owen and you adjust to the new life styles :)

  2. It was your brother. We are only out here for 6 weeks so we don't have to adjust to much