Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 5 DC

Being in the DC area there are so many things to do on Memorial weekend.  We decided to spend our first day off in DC.  The plan was to go to the National Archives first, but when we got there it was an hour wait to get in, so we hop back on the subway and went to Arlington Cemetery.  There we saw Kennedy's grave, the changing of the guard, some house and museum.  The best thing about the house and Museum was the cool air.  It was hot outside!

While we were there Ryan took us on a while goose hunt.  When he did a tour of the pentagon they showed him so 9-11 monument he thought was part of Arlington Cemetery.  So we walked all around the Cemetery even to parts where no one was and didn't find it.  He says well maybe it wasn't in here. I was hot and tired and hungry and ready for a break.

View from the top.  Can you see the Washington Monument

Changing of the Guard the Tomb of the Unknown Solider

The plan after that was to go to the Air and Space Museum but as we got there the line to that museum was out the door as well.  I guess that's what happens on Memorial weekend so we decided to go to the Art museum next door with no line.  It turned out to be pretty cool.  The 2nd floor was all about light and sensory.  They had one room that was dark with a bunch of mattress and pillows.  To bad we had just rested outside in the grass.  Then we walked through a bunch of plastic streamers hanging down.  The next room was a bunch on different neon lights.  Owen would of had a lot of fun if he could run around up there.

As we were leaving we took a detour through the Smithsonian Castle.  Its mostly just information but outside is very pretty.
Smithsonian Castle


  1. That house was General Lee's home, that was taken over by the Union Army. Think about how close Washington D.C. was to the south. There is stories of the people living in DC going out for a picnic while watching the battles.

  2. That's right it was also a museum about general Lee