Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pumpkin festival

Rapid city doesn't have a pumpkin patch.  I can't find one when I search on google and when I asked some said I don't know.  Sad day maybe there is one somewhere that I just can't find.  They did however have a pumpkin festival.  It was downtown and farmers brought pumpkins to sell.  Owen loves trains so I tried to get him to go on the train ride but when I walked away he tried to clime out.  He can't be with out his mama.  They had some giant pumpkins we didn't stick around to see who one the contest for the biggest pumpkin.    We did go see the school of mines catapult pumpkins.   Each team got 3 pumpkins.  The first one was suppose to go 100 ft, then 200 ft, then the last one 300 ft.  Every time they would shoot the pumpkin Owen would go oooo and then clap for them.  He loved it.   Then of course we had to buy some pumpkins.  It was a fun morning.

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