Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Devils Tower

On Saturday we ventured into Wyoming.  About 2 hours from Rapid City is Devils Tower which is the first national monument.  Since it was a long drive and we know Owen wont last more than half and hour we left during his nap time.  He was such a good boy and slept the whole way which means I got to enjoy the drive instead of having the I pad, toys, and cheerios thrown at me. We did the small musuem first which told us about the legion of Devils Tower.  A couple of kids were running from a bear praying for help when the ground lifted them up.  The bear then tried to clime up the tower leaving his claw marks.  There is also the scientific approach that the tower is millions of years old and has changed over time.  After the museum there is a one mile loop around the base of the Tower which Owen made us push him through.  He got out and walked for a few minutes then made us push him again.  There are other trials which are longer we tried to do part of another one but after 10 feet Owen sat on the ground pouting cause he wanted to go back.  O well we went to the prairie dog fields after and watched them clime in and out of there holes. It was a fun hot trip here are my pictures. 

We stopped for a scenic pic and Owen woke up.

Owen kept saying Tower Tower as we got closer

Prairie Dogs
Owen checking out there holes or homes

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