Saturday, September 7, 2013

Storybook island

I never blogged about storybook island, but since it closed Labor Day weekend I might as well add it to the list right now.  I love storybook island, when we were applying  for residences  this place made me like Rapid City.  It's a park that plays Disney music and has different statues and houses from different Disney movies or fairy tails you heard as a child. Here are the pictures I have but there is even more I don't have pictures of.  Can you name them all?


Yogi bear

Mary had a little lamb

The cat and the hat

Snow Whites house

Merry Christmas

sailing the boat to Never-land!

Caption hook!

3 little kittens lost there mittens

Of course they have a train ride which every time we go here we have to ride.  Since this place is free I figure its my $3 donation every time I come.  

I'll miss storybook island and can't wait tell it opens for Christmas lights in December. 

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