Saturday, September 7, 2013

Old McDonalds farm

We live in a tourist town did you know that?  Anyways we have lots of visitors from Memorial Day to Labor Day and then school starts back up, so a few places our only open in the summer.  That means we had to go to old McDonald's farm and bedrock city this weekend.  

We choose old McDonald's farm first.  They have pony rides, train rides, pig races, and times to feed all the animals.  

       Owen is obsessed with trains he loves them.

On a pony ride

   Babas.....aka sheep

I thought it might be fun for Owen to feed the sheep or the babas as he calls them since they are his favorite animal at the moment.  However I forgot how small he is and how much sheep like food.
                           Poor kid got smashed

                  Even if the food didn't work out giving the sheep some milk did.  

                        Farmer Ryan's new wife baby Owen.


                                                   The bunny

                               These baby chicks are just a few days old.

Ryan was so excited when he found out there was a pig race.  It lasted about 10 sec.  The pigs were racing for koolaide.    I guess that's enough pictures for now I will do another post about bedrock city.

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  1. That figures he would love a "pig" race....something I would like too!!!